Revenge of the fallen: Rise of the Scorpion

Inspired by and based on Mortal Kombat !
When The Lin-Kuei clan lead by Sub-zero slaughters the Shirai ryu clan , a man after watching his wife and child murdered gets reincarnated by the sorcerer Quan chi , now he is a Demon ninja warrior seeking revenge against Sub-zero and the Lin-Kuei . ( I do not own any of these characters or anything remotely related to Mortal Kombat all rights go to Ed Boon , Nietherealm studios , and all respective owners!)


2. memories.....

Those were the last memories I had ....... First my wife, Then my child and finally myself, along with what I assume is the rest of the population. I would give up anything.......anything for a shot at vengeance.....ANYTHING! I yelled out. Anything ? a voice replied back. What ?, who's there! I shouted Would you sell your soul, for vengeance!? He asked me. But of course! I quickly replied, excited. I am Quan Chi, a sorcerer I will reincarnate you as a powerful demon, but you will still look human, But at the cost of your soul. ABSOLUTELY! PLEASE! I quickly said as I grabbed his grey shoulders . Okay then I will. He said.
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