Seventy Five

The Hunger Games have seventy-five years of history. Most of the Games end up forgotten. But not any more. These are the untold stories of all seventy five Games. These are the events that saw the highest death toll of children outside of conflict. These are the events that sparked a rebellion.


2. Second

The Second Hunger Games were unplanned.


Clavinsky had expected one set of tributes to do the job. And on the whole, it had subdued the districts.


But it had sparked a media frenzy in the Capitol.


So now twenty-four new tributes stood in a circle around what had been dubbed the Pile. The arena this time was situated in the mountain range just beyond Twelve. If one were to reach the peak of the mountain they would see the smouldering remains of Thirteen in the distance.


The outfit for the tributes this year was a black waterproof jacket over a black shirt and black cargo pants and black boots with black gloves. Black to represent death. Black to represent despair.


The countdown was barely ten seconds in before Ilisa from Three jumped off her platform. The collateral resulted in a further seven tributes being coated in a thick layer of gore.


When the countdown ended, this cost their lives. And Arner from Nine, Juniper from Seven, Dren from Twelve, Fergus from Two, Grote from Six, Wayner from Five, and Salonja from Eight were all dead just over two minutes later. The compassion seen last year ceased to exist when the tributes weren't former rebels.


Half an hour in, and eight were dead. It was a bloodbath. A group of five remained at the Pile. The others had scattered. The hovercraft did not wait until dark to retrieve the bodies. Nothing could be salvaged of Ilisa. They would send a mannequin of her back home.


That night, Fynne from Nine found twelve year old Minn from One in a cave. The child had no time to stop the sword impaling her.


Day two was quieter. The Pile alliance echoed last year. Nobody spoke of murder. They all got along.


Elsewhere, Kayne from One found Clara from Twelve and Jeana from Eleven near a pond. The water was stained crimson ten minutes later.


Day three dragged on quietly. Those away from the Pile that didn't collect supplies on the first day were starting to feel the effects of hunger and dehydration.


Mensa from Six threw herself at the electric fence.


On the fourth night, Kayne attacked the Pile alliance. Nythan from Eight received a knife to the throat. Mikaela from Five had her skull caved in by a box. Janella from Two was stabbed in the chest. Thyme and Tawna from Four died hand-in-hand. Seven remained.


Day five saw Fynne return to the Pile. She slashed Kayne three times before Kayne sent a rock to her temple. Kayne later bled to death that night.


On day six, Ryka from Ten stumbled onto a tracker jacker nest. She died hallucinating vividly.


The Capitol found this amusing.


Drew from Ten bludgeoned Synjie from Eleven with a club. The silver weapon was dyed red.

One week into the Games, three tributes remained. All of them were male.


They seemingly all converged at the base of the mountain. Myrkus from Seven spilled the guts of Trey from Three.


Drew was chased up the mountain.


Myrkus lost his footing a hundred feet up. He was dead before he hit the ground.


Drew Nyxus became the second Victor.


He was only fifteen. When he was returned to his family, he was seen as a hero.


He felt like a monster.


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