The Warrior King: The birth of a Ruler !

The Islands of Gahoul Have always been ruled by individual leaders , but the Birth of a baby , descended from gods and destined to rule ! but from even before he was born he has been targeted for death , threatened by the child all sorts of people want him dead . destined for demise from birth how can he have a chance to survive ?


2. Overboard

As an arrow pierced Ishizu's chest, I picked up the baby from he arms before he his the ground of the boat, so he didn't hit his head on the hard wood. I realized that if her brother Bayakura, could hit her from there , the baby and myself were not save. so I took the baby and leaped over board with the baby but I kept his head above water I used the boat to protect us from the arrows while we headed from and up coming cave .
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