The Warrior King: The birth of a Ruler !

The Islands of Gahoul Have always been ruled by individual leaders , but the Birth of a baby , descended from gods and destined to rule ! but from even before he was born he has been targeted for death , threatened by the child all sorts of people want him dead . destined for demise from birth how can he have a chance to survive ?


1. Escape

Ishizu! we have to go now ! a voice shouted at me . Well it's hard when you just had a kid! I yelled back . I know I apologize but your royal guard can only hold your brother's back for so long forces back for so long. He told me. I couldn't believe it my own brother, my best-friend when we were young, is now trying to murder my child and I. And for what because he thinks his child my nephew is destined to be king, yet it is mine who is the son of a god, and is the the first to rule all the islands, well at least that's how the legend's see it, unlike my brother. We were now safe on the boat , Ohdeion turned to me , he was the guardian of my child, since god husbands don't like to stay home and help with the child. -_- . He turned and said, I know it must be hard, having to run from your brother like this . He said to me in kind of a sad tone. It is ,but I feel safer with you here , I looked at him and smiled, he was tall,bald and very tan . I did feel safer with him around, he was very strong . Ishizu no ! he yelled at me , as an arrow pierced through my chest but not far enough to hit my baby, as I turned to see where it came from, there was my brother standing on hill, bow in hand, that was my last sight as I passed out coughing up blood.......... I had passed away......
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