When a teen boy named Derek Tyler , Leaves on a vacation to Hawai'i . he notices strange things... Like how on the plane over he sees something resembling a kingdom in the clouds , and when the person beside him says it's just him he feels like he is going nuts ! When Hawaiian priests tell him he has great Mana ( spiritual energy) that similar to an ancient king who was believed to be a god.
Later on an High point in the mountain he jumps into the clouds , only to not return to the ground .............. Dazed and confused , where the heck in he ?


2. My name is

Okay then where am I. I asked again looking for an answer. They looked at each other, I think they did anyway I can see dark figures. Well let me tell you the story. the first guy told me. okay.......... I said impatiently. he told me to wait there till he got, two more people upstairs . and came down with a thin figure, and a large figure. He stepped in and introduced himself, I am Uhara, He was a tall, lean man in his like thirties, with dirty blond hair. and this is .... BOOM! is all I heard as an explosion flew through the wall, as chaos in sued
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