Queen For A Week (16+) ~[COMPLETED]

Yes, the boys at Kentleworth High are definitely rowdy, and the girls at Kentleworth High are definitely glam. But the thing is, the boys believe they have more authority. So once a year, on Valentine's week, they hold a "slave auction" in the cafeteria. Each boy picks a girl that has to do whatever they want for the whole week.
This year Zoey Hayes is unsure whether the slave auction this year will go down well. She's new at Kentleworth, and a hot popular named Jace Beckham has his eyes on her...


15. When The Truth Gets Out

     It was school at 10:30 AM. Math. Obviously I couldn't work, or even think of working. My brain hurt. My vagina hurt, being overused and STRESSSSSSSED of more invitations to enter!


     Urgh, I thought, disabled from concentrating on my test. No more sex... not ever, ever again.


     That's when it hit me.


     My eyes went wide. It had been a full week since Jace "kidnapped" me and dragged me out to his place. That meant I was... FREE.

     I was EXTREMELY glad there were no parents around to find out about all the dirtiness I had been down to, lately. They could never find out- and if they did, it's not like they had any control over me anymore. But they WOULD tell someone.


     "Miss Zoey," Mr. Beckle growled.

     I broke free from my thoughts and snapped back into reality. 

     "Y-y-y-YES SIR?!" I stammered, embarrassed.

     The class laughed, but Mr. Beckle payed no attention to them. "Miss Amber?" A shy red-head behind me stood and blushed. I did, too.

     Then the math teacher began calling all SORTS of girls to his desk. "Amethyst? Brooklyn? Savannah? Mika? Mackenzie? You, too."

     All girls made a beeline to his desk. All were fidgety, but I felt like the most nervous. Had we all done something wrong?

     I looked over my shoulder to see the only girl in my class who had NOT been called down- Becca.

     "Oh, yes. And Becca."

     Infuriated, Becca stood, smoothed out her blue-silk dress, and strutted to the front of the desk.

     "All of you to the office, please."

     I was confused, as all of us were. But we shrugged off the possibilities of discipline anyway and headed down to the office.


     Once there, I was shocked to see a large mass of teenage boys, including Jace. Apparently they had been called down as well.

     Then I knew what was going on.

    "Everyone, in the principal's office, PLEASE," shouted the secretary, Mrs. Peach, over the noise everyone was making. So we all managed to squeeze into his tiny office at once.

     "Boys," said Principal Harris, once we had all made it inside, "I see you have all been accused of sexually harassing these poor girls here."

     There were guilty murmurs, blushes, and a few arrogant "WOOOOOO!!!"s.

     "Oh, don't be proud, don't be proud at all," he snapped rather viciously. "Sexual harassment is a SERIOUS, basically ILLEGAL crime, and you will all be severely punished for it. All the girls' parents have been contacted." He turned to me with drooping eyebrows. I held my breath.

      "Even yours, Zoey."


     Then he began saying a bunch of other things, too, but all I could do was let myself be washed over in shame and distress. My parents... now they knew everything. EVERYTHING.


     After we were released (for then), I rushed to Elijah's side.

     "Babe!" he gasped, holding me in his arms. His fingers clenched my hair and he kissed me deeply. After pulling away he said, "I am so, so sorry."

     We both just stood there, in the middle of the hall, crying and hugging. 

     And it felt nice.

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