Queen For A Week (16+) ~[COMPLETED]

Yes, the boys at Kentleworth High are definitely rowdy, and the girls at Kentleworth High are definitely glam. But the thing is, the boys believe they have more authority. So once a year, on Valentine's week, they hold a "slave auction" in the cafeteria. Each boy picks a girl that has to do whatever they want for the whole week.
This year Zoey Hayes is unsure whether the slave auction this year will go down well. She's new at Kentleworth, and a hot popular named Jace Beckham has his eyes on her...


7. Ryan (Part 2) (SEXUAL)

     Jace had never done his dirty work quickly- and whispered about the dirty details first, taunting me. But he never was as good as he promised, I realized.

     Ryan, however, burned with passion and experience as he grasped my neck, lightly, and turned to around to the doggy position again, for I was quite fidgety.

     He shoved his tip immediately through my entrance.

     "Mmm... screw..." I managed, phased.

     "I'll go harder," snickered Ryan quietly. "Baby, I just want to please you. Forget about Nat."

     He began the thrusting, and my breaths grew heavier. In, out, in out. "Ryan, mmm...."

     Ryan and I jostled messily at each other- in, out, in out, as Ryan's hands explored my neck. He pinched my weaked spot, leaned in and kissed it. "S-s-screw harder," I begged.

     Smirking, Ryan backed out of me. I was wet and trembling, trembling with anticipation. "Ryan..." I groaned. I knew this trick. He was going to make me scream his name into the heavens.

     "Sing for me, Zoey," he snickered.

     "RYAN!!" I screeched, reaching back to see if I could find his tip so I could let it enter me once more. But he continued to pull back. "Ryan just bang me!!" I screamed. "Ryan!"

     "This isn't what Natalie would want for you..." Ryan sneered with a cold laugh. I turned around, angry, and our eyes, twinkling in the moonlight, met. "Just do me, idiot!"

     "You naughty girl." Ryan took his tip and rasped it over my entrance, where I was anxious for him to go. "D-don't tease," I cried.

     "You have to persuade me to believe you will love me more than Jace," Ryan laughed as compassion continued to roar in between us.

     "Ah, Ryan," I breathed in a whisper as he slapped his tip against my entrance. "RYAN! Ah!!"

     Finally, FINALLY, he was inside where it was nice and warm. "Mmm," I moaned with a hint of lust- okay, a LOT of lust.

     "Ooh, Ryan, faster babe!" I urged, and he immediately drew in and out, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Soon a warm, liquidy substance flowed inside me, and I felt nice, knowing it was a gift from my lover.

     While continuing to thrust, and thrusting very well, Ryan kissed my shoulders. He began moving down to my arms, hand, waist, and legs. Our connection was weaker by the time he got down there, but I reached over and pushed him over me to fill the space between us.

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