Queen For A Week (16+) ~[COMPLETED]

Yes, the boys at Kentleworth High are definitely rowdy, and the girls at Kentleworth High are definitely glam. But the thing is, the boys believe they have more authority. So once a year, on Valentine's week, they hold a "slave auction" in the cafeteria. Each boy picks a girl that has to do whatever they want for the whole week.
This year Zoey Hayes is unsure whether the slave auction this year will go down well. She's new at Kentleworth, and a hot popular named Jace Beckham has his eyes on her...


11. Chick Flicks

     Soon it was midnight, which Becca declared as "MOVIE TIIIIIIME!!!"

     Everyone gathered in her gargantuan living room. Suddenly our surroundings went dark. A movie swelled onto the screen. 

     "I've seen this movie a billion times," Jace leaned over and whispered to me. "Wanna go behind the couch and have a little fun?"

     "You're not exactly the person I want to bang when everyone can listen," I hissed flatly.

     Jace grabbed my arm and, before I could say a word or make a noise, dragged me behind the couch.

     He leaned over me, fingers tiptoe-ing up my shoulders. "Baby," he whispered. "You make me feel like I can do you anywhere, anytime, and it hurts to see you having sex with another man."

     Jace pulled down his shirt, slowly, revealing his perfect abs. They glowed like diamonds even in the dark.

     "I want you." The words rasped over my lips as if I were reflecting him like a mirror. Did I want him, too?

     "Let's seal our love with a kiss," Jace offered. Soon we were in a total lip-lock, and I didn't notice Ava creep around the corner...

     "Zoey!" she snapped, almost out-of-whisper. I broke apart from Jace so suddenly that the blood gushed to my head and I felt dizzy for a moment.

     "Well, screw you! Making out with a sexy beast like Jace and not telling me!"

     I noticed Jace's blush. He turned away in shame. "Baby... ignore Ava."

     Ava scowled. "Oh, shut up." And she turned around and continued to watch the movie.

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