Queen For A Week (16+) ~[COMPLETED]

Yes, the boys at Kentleworth High are definitely rowdy, and the girls at Kentleworth High are definitely glam. But the thing is, the boys believe they have more authority. So once a year, on Valentine's week, they hold a "slave auction" in the cafeteria. Each boy picks a girl that has to do whatever they want for the whole week.
This year Zoey Hayes is unsure whether the slave auction this year will go down well. She's new at Kentleworth, and a hot popular named Jace Beckham has his eyes on her...


14. Auditions

     Next week began tryouts for the school play. I showed up, of course, but unfortunately Elijah was no where to be seen...

     "Thank you, Zoey," sighed Ms. Trumpman, the theater instructor. "You may exit."

     But as I opened the door, a tasty pair of denim shadow eyes met mine. "Sexy," Elijah moaned, sliding past me.

     I couldn't believe it. Elijah was auditioning!! And with an amazing voice like his, I KNEW he would get in.


     But... would I?

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