Queen For A Week (16+) ~[COMPLETED]

Yes, the boys at Kentleworth High are definitely rowdy, and the girls at Kentleworth High are definitely glam. But the thing is, the boys believe they have more authority. So once a year, on Valentine's week, they hold a "slave auction" in the cafeteria. Each boy picks a girl that has to do whatever they want for the whole week.
This year Zoey Hayes is unsure whether the slave auction this year will go down well. She's new at Kentleworth, and a hot popular named Jace Beckham has his eyes on her...


17. A Warm Body

     It was hard going to sleep that night, alone. I was just too used to feeling a warm, usually naked body up against mine.

     But I had promised myself.... no more sex. Or thinking about sex. It was just too troubling for me to bear anymore.

     Suddenly I heard a creeeeak coming from the window. I stirred. And sat up, shivering in my bed. My breath quickened.


     I raised a pillow high above my head. "HOW DID YOU OPEN MY WINDOW?! WHOA ARE YOU?!"

     But the voice in reply was all too familiar. "Relax, Zoey. It's me, Elijah. Jace told me where you lived and your windows were unlocked. I need to tell you something."

     Even though plenty more questions swam through my mind, I didn't bother to ask them. I pulled down the covers and let Wlijah crawl in bed with me. His skin was so soft and warm against mine. I almost began moaning, and he hadn't even done anything to me.

     "I moving to Vermont," I blurted.

     "Whoa. Gosh, Zoey, why? What about the pla-"

     "My parents are just worried. They're coming over to pick me up in a week. Guess they don't like the environment."

     "Well screw them," grumbled Elijah, letting his hands reach over y bag and up my shirt so he could caress my neck.

     "Actually," I corrected, nearly giggling, "maybe you should screw ME instead."



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