She's a goody goody. He's a bad boy. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants everything to do with her, he just doesn't know it.


6. Pebble On The Sidewalk

"Honey? Time for diner." My mom says through my closed door.

"Okay. Be right down." I tell her and I hear her feet fade away.

I put my pencil down and sigh. Damn homework.

School sucks ass so much.

I still can't believe Mrs. Dancy's leaving. She's like the grandmother I've never had and always wanted.

Wonder who's moving in beside me......

I should stop thinking about it before I give my self a headache.

I stand up and go down stairs to see that my mom made spaghetti. My favourite, how did she know I wanted this? Wait, I always want this never mind.

I take a giant bite and silently moan. Jesus my mom makes the best spagetii. Well to me anyway.

"So, I heard Mrs. Dancy is moving." My mom says casually. I don't feel like eating all of a sudden.....

"Uh- yeah." I say while fighting back more tears.

"Wonder who's moving in. Maybe it'll be someone your age- oh! You could make a new friend!" My mom says smiling wide at me. I inwardly flinch at the cheeriness.

"Yeah. Maybe." I mumble now just moving my food around, not really hungry anymore.

"So how was school today?" She asks and I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about today's events.

"Eh, same old same old." I say.

She shakes her head. "I'd know what that means if you told me what happens at school."

"Sorry mom. Let me rephrase that. Boring. As. Hell. Did school work, ate lunch, got kidnaped by the schools asshole, hung out with Ronny, found out that Mrs. Dancy is moving, and came home. So same old same old bullshit." I say throwing my food in the trash and putting my plate in the sink before running upstairs and into my room.

I'm probably going to get in shit for that but oh well. I'm tired of people pushing me around like a pebble on the sidewalk, the one that gets in everyone's way.

I grab my pjs and change before climbing into bed. I need a goodnights rest. Seriously.








"Dude, come on! You've got to get ready!" I feel someone shake me and I groan.

"Groaning isn't gonna get you anywhere honey, trust me I've tried." I hear Ronny say and I can almost feel her rolling her eyes.

I sit up and glare at her even though she's all blurry and crap. I grab my glasses and she becomes not so blurry.

"Well boo." I snap and jump off my bed as I run a brush through my hair then put it into a messy bun. I grab out my black and white leggings and a random tank top that says "Bite Me." In nice printing.

I'm to lazy to actually try and look somewhat decent.

I put on some mascara and then Ronny follows me down the stairs. I eat a pop tart then brush my teeth.

I notice my moms still in her room and I haven't even said sorry for blowing up on her yesterday.

I run back upstairs and grab my phone (and headphones!), wallet, backpack, and I put on my black TOMs.

Ronny follows me outside and we drive to school. Lost In Stereo comes on and I smile slightly.

We pull up to the school and we make our ways inside the hell hole.

Yay, another fucking day.

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