She's a goody goody. He's a bad boy. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants everything to do with her, he just doesn't know it.


3. Harmless Questions

"Let's talk about sex ba-by, let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that could be-"

I slam my hand on the alarm and yawn. It's Wednesday. I don't know why, but the school year always starts almost in the middle of a week. It's dumb really.

What a weird song to wake up to. Whatever. I grab my glasses and shove them on my face yawning again. I put my arms over my head and stretch. I throw back the blanket but regretting it when the cold air hits my legs. I shiver and stand up walking over to my closet. I grab out a pair of bright red skinny jeans and my blue sweater that has Brainy Smurf on it and it says GEEK across my chest in yellow. I grab clean underclothing and hop in the shower. I hope today goes better then yesterday.

I step out and dry myself off. I put on my clothes and walk out of the bathroom and I put my hand over my heart to stop it from pounding out.

"Ronny! You scared the crap out of me! Why are you anyway?" I ask not bothering to try and stop a yawn from taking over.

"Because I had to make sure your ready for school? And I need to borrow your mascara. I ran out." She says shrugging like it's no big deal. I roll my eyes and push my glasses further on my face so they don't fall off.

"You know where everything is." I tell her getting two random socks and putting them on. I laugh at my choices. One has little foxes on them and the other ones plaid.

"You and your weird socks I swear....." I hear Ronny mumble under her breath as she does her makeup. I grab my brush only for Rony to take it away.

"Hey! I need that! My hairs a mess!" I yell at her. She just laughs and pushes me down on my stool.

"I'm going to do your hair today." She says casually. I shrug my shoulders and pout.

"But why?" I ask crossing my arms. I like it just the way it is thank you!

"Because I can't do this stuff on my hair so I do it on yours." Ronny says running the brush threw my messy hair. After a couple minutes she finally manages to get it smooth and not tangled. Surprise, surprise.

She starts braiding it and I'm bored the whole time. After what felt like forever, she's finally done.

"There. A cattiness braid." She says puttin her hands on her hips. I smile at it in the mirror. Nice.

"Why thank you." I get up bowing to her and she laughs shaking her head. I turn around and put on some mascara and a little bit of eyeliner. I put on some Pepsi lip chap and put it in my bag. I get really dry lips in the winter.

I check over my bag for the hundredth time and grab my coat and jacket and I throw on my black converse that come up to my knee. I throw on my beanie and put my bag on and head out the door before Ronny can explode.

We hop in her car and I feel like my stomachs trying to turn itself inside out. I seriously don't want music to come. What if he's not there today? That would be like a vacation only in prison.

She turns the radio on and 22 by Taylor Swift comes on. I really don't like her that much but I'll sing to this song I guess. I liked it better when she was country. Just sayin.

"I don't know about you! But I'm feelin' 22! Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you!" We sing at the top of our lungs, laughing like maniacs.

I try and catch my breath as she parks her car. We both look at each other again and burst out laughing. Again. Just looking at her makes me laugh! I that a good thing or a bad thing? Oh who do I care. It's funny.

I get out with Ronny and were still giggling when we walk into the school. She stops laughing when she sees something. I follow her gaze and it lands on 'Mr. Hemming's' walking and chatting with, Ashton was it? I'm not sure.

"That's him." She pulls me to the side and whispers to me. I give her a blank expression. She sighs and rolls her eyes.

"Remember that guy I was tellin you about yesterday in the car on our way to school?" Ron says and I try to think back sooooo far.

"Oh yeah. And I asked you witch one because there tons of guys at our school or something like that." I tell her nodding my head trying to remember exactly what she said to me.

"Well, the guy I was mainly talking about was him. There's a lot of story's about him. And trust me Clary. Non of them are good at all. I can't understand how they can let someone like him back into school......" Ronny say shaking her he's and glaring at him. I bite my lip looking down, hoping to god he doesn't see me.

"Clary. Your here today." Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. He noticed me. Damn it. He walks over and Ronny gives me a look of pure shock and confusion. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I shrug him off and walk beside Ronny who still looks surprised as hell.

"Why'd you move? Your actions hurt me bad baby." He say putting a hand over his heart and I roll my eyes at him, crossing my arms.

"One, don't call me baby. Second, I moved because I don't want you touching me." I tell him and Ronny and me turn our backs to him and walk toward my locker.

I put my stuff inside and grab out my books. I put my phone in my back pocket again along with my purple headphones. We walk as far as we can together before we have to separate.

I go in and get out my phone.

"EXPLAIN. NOW. WTF?!" ~ Ronny

Oh yeah. Lovely. How am I suppose to tell her with out her blowing a blood vessel?

"Pain I the ass. He's in my music class and I bumped into him twice yeaterday. Actually three times because he caught me before I could fall on my face." ~ Clary.

Yeah. That should do it till the next message.....

I play angry birds in my phone when Ronny texts me again. Sigh. Pain in the ass? Yes she is.

"Why didn't you fucking tell me?! Why is he all over you tho? I don't understand that......? Yeah I get that he's a player but he only goes for the skimpy sluty girls. Boys confizzle the shit out of me....."~ Ronny

Okay what does she know? Because I new to learn how to survive this school year with Hemming's and she seems to have a good idea on how.....

"You were to busy going on and on about Liam. Anyway. Back to what's more important..... What do you know about him? Like, what story's? You mentioned them this morning before DB showed up...."~ Clary

I'd like to know. I'll take notes. They'll be called: Hemming's 101. Aha nice eh?

"Well, he's sooo cute! You can't blame me! I see the way Niall looks at you and how you look at him! ;) And the story's? Oh yes! Those ones. Well, I'll give you a little bit of it for now because it's hard to go into detail over text. Anyway. One of the 'things' I heard is that he sleeps around with older woman for money. Just saying, what ever you do, please try and stay away from him! He's so bad news."~ Ronny

Wow. Nasty. Just plain, nasty.

"That's just gross, who the hell would sleep with someone for money?! Oh wait. Sluts and whors and stuff like that. Anyway. Niall? What? No way. Niall's just a good friend."~ Clary

Why would she think that if Niall and me? Is it because we have French together? Okay so, if I had vocals with Lou, would that mean that I liked him also? Aha. Really dumb.

"Don't deny it Clar. I'm totally cool with you and him. He's so adorable! Like a baby penguin! Aha!! ;) I just don't want any baby Clary's and Niall's running around so soon. Love ya! Ttyl!" ~ Ronny

Again. How the fuck am I friends with her?

"Hello class! I'll give you a package of work papers you are to work on." The teacher says but I don't really pay attention to him, not that I do on a regular biases but anyway, he hands out the packages and we begin working in this stupid work. Holy crap! It's at least 76 pages. Damn.

I sigh and start the next question. This is boring as hell. Can I go home already? Jeez.

After what felt like FOREVER, the bell finally rings and I jump out if my seat and run out the door trying to get far away from that evil class. Eesh.

I walk up to my locker and switch books and go to my second class.

Just as I round the corner Hemming's stops me. I bump into him and take a step back.

"Hi?" I ask raising an eyebrow at him.

"Hey. Come on. Let's go." He says walking down the direction that I just came from and when he notices I'm not following him he groans and turns back to me.

"I'm going to my next class." I tell him holding my books closer to me. He walks over and looks down at me. He almost a full foot taller then me. Yes, I'm short, har har. So funny.

"No your not. Your ditching with me wether you like it or not." He says grabbing my hand. I jolt of shock runs up my arm and Hemming's makes a face witch means I wasn't the only one who felt it. Lovely.

He pulls me over to a very nice car. He opens the passenger door for me and I bite my lip sliding in. What game is he playing? Opening the door for me like a gentlemen? He's everything but a gentlemen.

He climbs in the drivers seat and we speed off. It's quiet in the car except for the faint radio playing Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Hero's feat Adam Levine and the soft hum of his car smoothly driving down the road.

I can see the he's looking at me every so often and I get tempted to look at him the same time he does, just to make eye contact. Stupid, but I like his eyes. Not going to lie. There no pint in lying, it'll only get you into trouble. In this case, I'm sitting beside the definition of trouble with a capable T.

I stare out the window watching houses fly by and woods take over.

After a while of driving we finally come to a stop in an empty parking lot. He times the car off and turns to me. I look at him and cross my arms. I can't believe I ditched class so easily for him. If someone told me I was going to be skipping with the schools badass, I would have laughed in there face till I had a damn six pack.

"Why am I here?" I as resting my head on the seats head rest. Hemming smirks at me and crosses his arms.

I just noticed that he's not wearing that stupid jacket anymore and I can see his arms full of tattoos. Great. He's going to die of ink poison. Not my fault. And I'm not going to his funeral. Okay maybe I would just to pay my respects but that's it.

"I want to know more about you and you get the pleasure of getting to know me." He says smirking even wider at me.

"I'm not talking to you." I tell him turning so I can look out the window. I glance at him and he have frown on his face. Then all of a sudden he puts like a five your old, somthin I do all the time. I can't help but let out a bubble of laughter excap my lips. After The bible of laughter he grins at me. Not a cocky smirk but a real grin. Something a decent human being would do.

I sigh, finally giving up. I wanted to know more about him from Ronny right? Well, why not hear it from the source himself?

"Fine. What's your name first?" I ask facing him full on. His grin grows.

"Luke. Luke Hemming's." He says. I smile. Luke. Huh. It actually suits him,

All of a sudden my phone goes off and it's a message from Ronny.

"Remember! Stay away from him!"~ Ronny

I look and see that I would be in music class with Luke right now and that's why she messaged me.

I'm just getting to know who he is. What could possibly go wrong with asking just a few, harmless questions?

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