She's a goody goody. He's a bad boy. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants everything to do with her, he just doesn't know it.


2. Blah, Blah, Blah

I follow the sound of laughter and talking and it leads me to the café thankfully.

I walk in and I line up. I turn around and I bump into someone again. I look up and I find that in face to face with brown hair and blue eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry." I mutter biting my lip and fiddle with my fingers.

"It's okay. I bump into people also. I'm Louis." He says holding his hand out for my shake.

Before I could even sputter anything, I get interrupted by a blond loud mouth.

"Clary! There you are!" Ronny runs up to me and wraps her arms around me. I laugh and I shove her off.

"Yeah. Here I am." I say smiling at her.

An awkward cough catches my attention. I turn away from Rony toward Louis.

"Oh. Um, Louis, this is Rony my best friend." I say and they shake hands. Something that Louis and I didn't get to do.

I grab a slice of pizza and an apple and a water bottle of fizzy water. I hand the lady the money and she smiles handing me back my change.

Rony does the same but she grabs a pontine instead of pizza and bottle of coke.

We walk to an empty table and Louis walks with us. I sit between Louis and Rony.

"Hey, Clar? Can my friends come sit with us?" Louis asks me. I turn to him and smile. He looks so nervous. It's kinda cute.

"Yeah. Totally. I need new friends anyway." I say making sure Rony heard me.

She hits me in the back I my head.

"Ow! What the hell?" I ask turning to her while Louis types away in his phone.

"Your gonna replace me. Well try to." She says crossing her arms.

"Awe babe! I could never replace you!!" I say throwing my arms around her while pouting.

"Plus I'd be hard as hell to replace!" She says sighing. I shake my head at her while Louis laughs at us.

All of a sudden 4 guys walk up to our table and sit down with us.

"Lads, this is Clary and Rony. Girls this is Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. There my best mates." Louis says a the other boys say "Heys." And "hi's." And someone said "How you doin?"

"So, Clary. How old are you?" Harry says to me while taking a sip of his water.

"I'm 17. You?" I ask nibbling on my pizza.

"18. I got held back a grade. We all kinda did. Well. Yeah." Harry says motioning to the other boys who all nod there heads in agreement.

"Oh." Is all I say.

"I'm the oldest out of us all." Louis says shrugging.

"How old are you?" I ask wondering.

"I'm 21. Yeah I'm old to be in school but I got held back more then once....." He says chuckling as he scratches the back of his neck.

Wow, okay I did not know he was that old. He doesn't look that old.

"How old are you Rony?" Zayn asks. W all turn to Riny who's texting away on her phone. Shocker.

"Rony!" I say pushing her shoulder.

"What?" She says looking up at us confused.

"How old are you?" Zayn asks again but laughing at the end.

"Oh. Right. I just turned 18 last month." She says grinning like she won the lottery.

"Oh nice." Niall says. They all end up chatting with one another. Okay what I mean by that is Liam and Rony in deep conversation, Harry and Louis are arguing over something and Niall's playing something on his phone and Zayn his also typing like crazy in his phone while smiling like an idiot.

I poke Zayns cheek and his smile grows.

"Who ya texting?" I say leaning my chin on his shoulder.

"Perrie." He says.

"Who's she?" I asks.

"My girlfriend." He breaths out. My smile grows and I "Awweeee!!"

"Yeah, yeah! It's cute." Zayn says but he can't hold the little smile that dying to show it's self.

After a while if him telling me about Perrie I fell full as hell. I still have pizza left but it's mostly all sauce.

I get up, going to put my stuff in the trash. I walk and I hear Niall call my name and he makes a funny face at me, making me bump into someone again.

All the pizza sauce goes on my sweater and I gasp. I look up about to chew who ever did this to me. But my voice gets trapped in my throat once I see who it is.

His piercing blue eyes seem like there kinda looking into my soul. Holy crap I'm kinda scared.....

I put my head down and throw my trash away finally. I sigh and walk to the washroom. I get paper towel and try and get the sauce out. Damn you pizza sauce!

After scrubbing like crazy, I finally get it out. I walk out of the washroom again and I trip. I'm about to fall to my doom, something catches me. Okay more like someone.

I look up and I meet blue eyes again.and there not Niall's or Louis. But the in with the tattoos.

He helps me stand up properly and when I know I'm not going to fall again, I back away from him.

"Thanks." I mumble putting a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"You should really watch where your going." He says smirking at me.

"Your not the first one to say that to me today." I say walking away.

I walk back to my locker and grab my books for my French class. I'm in an upper class so I get to take French. Yaaa!! Not! I'm good with speaking just English. But no. My mom signed me up for French.

Just as I slam my locker shut I time and I see the tattooed blind boy with three other boys.

There walking and laughing and two of the boys are punching each other on the arms.

I hold my books closer to my chest and push my glasses back in my nose further.

"Hey babe! These are my friends. Ashton, Calum and Michael." He says putting his arm around my shoulders. I tense and shrug him off.

"Um. Hi." I say. Then I add "I gotta go to my next class. K bye."

I walk away and head to my next class. The bell rings and I sit in the back. Other kids come pouring in and a certain blond haired boy catches my eye. He sees me and smiles as he walks over.

He takes the seat next to mine.

"Hey Clary. I didn't know you took French." Niall says turning to me.

"Yeah. My mom always wanted me to take French because I loved it in public school. So she got me to take French in high school." I tell him.

"How good are you at it?" He asks getting out his book and pencil.

"I got all A's. Nothing less." I say shrugging like it's no big deal. Well, because it is no big deal.

"Really? Oh my god. Just so we're clear, I think it's hot when a girl can speak more then one language." Niall says winking at me while I just roll my eyes shaking my head laughing.

"Okay class. I'm Mrs. Burns. I'll be you amazing French teacher for the semester! I'm suppose to go over all the rules and stuff but this is your last year so, I don't think I have to go over them again." She says laughing. She looks to be in her early 20's. She has short blond hair and bright blue eyes. She seems nice compared to my other French teachers.

"So I'll just go over my rules. No PDA. At all." She says smiling at us as we all chuckle.

She continues talking and telling us on how she just got married 3 months ago. She's only 27 and has no kids and has taken French all threw school.

The bell ring and class is over. I get up and Niall catches up with me.

"I actually don't mind our French teacher this semester." Niall says walking beside me as we walk to my locker.

"Yeah. She seems nice. Last year, my French teacher called the one guy in my class stupid and worthless on from of the whole class." I say trading books for my last class. Music.

I close my locker and lock it. I push my glasses up my nose more so they don't fall off.

"Really? And she got away with it?!" Niall asks.

I nod my head. "She said she was teaching him a life lesson that he should have learned along time ago."

"That's stupid on all levels." He says shaking his head, looking disgusted by my old teacher. Don't blame him.

"I gotta get to my last class Ni. See ya!" I say as we walk our own ways.

I climb back up the stairs and I go into my last class of the day. I sit in the back again and get out my phone.

I see I have a text from Rony.

'Hey bitch! Guess what?! Liam's in my History class!!' ~Rony

"She's so weird. He's just a guy.

I hear the teacher come in an start blabbing about a panda in the zoo or something.

"My first reac- Mr. Hemming's. Your late." He says as we all glance at the door.

'Mr. Hemming's' walks in and I think I actually stopped breathing.

It was him. The tattooed boy from earlier. He walks in and his eyes scan the crowd till they find me. A smirk grows in his face as he make his way over to me. I hide my face in my hands and he takes the empty desk beside me.

He moves it closer to me an puts his hand on my thigh. I slap it off only for him to put it back again. That's how my class went. Me slapping Hemming's hand off my thigh. Defiantly when it went even higher then when he started.

When the bell rang I couldn't be more happier.

I speed walk away from the class of doom and walk to my locker. I open it up, pushing my glasses up more, and grabbing out my bag. I put all my books and stuff in it. I shut it and turn around to leave only to be pined against it.

"I didn't know you were into music." He says putting an arm above my head. I gulp.

"Yeah. You don't know a lot about me." I mumble quietly. He smirks witch makes me wonder if he heard me.

"And you don't know a lot about me." Yep. He heard. Shoot.

"I really should get going....." I trail off and he puts his hands in my waist in the now almost deserted hallways.

"All right. See you tomorrow babe." He whispers in my ear and he kisses my neck lightly. He backs away and I speed walk to the door.

I take out my phone and text Rony telling her to come pick me up because I had to help the teacher with something.

I wait 4 minute and she finally pulls up. I climb in and I listen on how she rants on and on about how cute Liam is and blah blah blah......

When she pulls up in front of my house, I thank her and open the door. I close it and lock it again. Today has been long and tiering.

I go up to my room and change into something comfy. I out in a movie and watch it.

Okay I've watched about 13 movies by now, if not more. I yawn and look at the time. 11:58 pm. Holy crap!

I slowly get up, turn the tv off, turn my light out and climb in my amazing bed and a soon as my head hits my pillow, I'm out like a light.

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