Want a Kiss?

Morgana is a weird girl who likes Pokemon and writes smut about Merlin and Arthur having dirty dungeon sex (yes, Morgana is her real name.) But she has never had a boyfriend (I wonder why.)
In this story, Morgana is faced with a sexy EMO lookin guy with fabulous blue eyes. But will she ever have a chance with him? I haven't the foggiest idea.


2. X-Rayted (not rlly)

Want a kiss?
Chapter 2
I clutched the ice pack to my lower back, the pain taking over my body. “This is all your fault. I hate dancing, why can’t you accept that?” I asked my Mother.

Dancing is a horrible thing...horrible.

“You were so graceful, though! When you were a child, roughly three years old, you were so talented and graceful. Then your brother thought it would be a good idea to show you Pokémon! Ugh, I hate video games!” It was true, I was a little ballerina when I was a young’n. And then Fennekin swept me away in his dumbo sized ears.

“Just, grab your stuff, we’re going to the X-Ray centre.” Demanding old bat. I hate going to those places, they smell like pee and Vaseline. “I honestly don’t need to go, I’ll be better by next week and I’ll be straight back at MSA. You don’t have to worry, I’ll heal quickly.”

“Get off your fat arse, we’re going to get your back checked! I won’t have you missing out on dancing because you want to stay home and play video games with pedophiles overseas!”

“But...I was watching Snog Marry Avoid!” I shouted as the black power point was switched off. “Meet me in the car in 5 minutes, and look presentable! There might be a young man that takes liking to you.” I gagged on my tongue and walk out of the door and leaned against the black sedan in our drive.

“Oh well, I won’t be a spinster for the rest of my days like somebody in this house.” The superficial beep from the car was heard. “Pfft, we all know you’re implying that I’m gonna be a lonely old bat with three ungrateful children who keep taking from me, and my ‘husband’ is always on golf or business trips. Yeah, I’ll turn out nothing like you.”

Okay, I admit that was a little harsh. “Hmph. You and I both know your Father loves me. I only can hope for you to find somebody as angelic as your Father to love.”

My father has been cheating on my Mother for nearly two years now. I saw him snogging some blonde prostitute in this very same car.

“I hope so as well.”

I've never told the bat lady, but I've been contemplating lately. Nobody knows that I know. Except me, and Fennekin.
“Miss Morgana Evans?” The receptionist called my name with a disgustingly sweet voice. “Yeah, what do you want?” I gave her the most scornful look I could muster, even though I probably looked like a constipated monkey. “Umm, the doctor will see you right away, ma’am.” Scare the crap out of the blonde receptionist with the double D’s; check!

“Evans, Morgana. Come right this way please.” I look up and see an old woman (around 50) holding a blue piece of paper. Seems nice enough. I rise from my seat, leaving the packet of oreos behind me. Some people call me a slob, others call me a slob. “Yeah, right here.” I shout while picking out a bit of the delicious biscuit out of my teeth. The old lady nearly runs into the Radiation room.

“Ma’am, are you wearing a metal clip on your bra? If so you’ll need to change into this robe for you X-ray.” I turn around at the bright American accent calling me out. “Well, I guess I’m getting my robes on!” I say with equal enthusiasm as the blonde bimbo at the receptionists desk.
But then I see a sixty year old pedophile staring back at me.

“Oh, Charmy girl! Imagine seeing you here! Did you break your back while running away from me?” Oh, the arrogance of this faggot. “Oh, shut up. Where are my robes?” I growled at the young man. He raised his eyebrows and walked into the back room.

Seconds later he came out with dark blue robes and a smirk. “Strip down to your underwear, just the panties, and put this on.” The amount of arrogance in his voice was just pathetic. I yanked the robes from his hands and walked into the small cubical, stripping down and sliding into the over-sized robes.

Why does my mother always have to make me do things. I was perfectly fine watching horrible T.V shows and playing Starbound with a random guy who went by the name of Gary. I could have grown a beard and invented a way to grow oreos on trees and vines, but no. I had to go to a stupid X-ray place to get a torn muscle checked out on my back.

I open the stupid curtain of the stupid cubical to see a stupid old man with stupid snake bites and stupid sexy hair. “How the hell did someone as stupid as you get a job that’s so stupid.” I growled in my stupid voice. “I banged the hot manager at the front desk. You spoke to her, no doubt?” That stupid, stupid head would be dead of aids by now if he slept with that stupid girl.

“Don’t touch me, you have aids.” I shrieked and threw my hands up to protect myself. “Whatever you say Evans, Morgana. Follow me to see your doctor.” And he walked away with his beautifully sexy EMO hair. Yummy. I followed him closely, noticing all of the different doors. “How many doctors work here?” I asked nobody in particular, not expecting an answer.

“Oh, only 35. I’m actually on duty as an assistant for Dr. Martha. She’s kinda batty. I caught her sneaking into the male changing rooms one day when I was getting dressed to leave work. I didn’t think old women were into the whole scene guys.” I gagged on my tongue, for the third time in one day, and followed him into the door he only recently opened.

“Oh, hello miss Morgana. I see you’ve met Ash, he’s a little charmer, isn’t he?” A look of deep admiration covered her face. “Ash? That's your name? Holy hell, no wonder you like Pokemon. And isn’t Ash short for Ashley. Oh you feminine male, no wonder everyone wants to bang you.” I stifled many laughs. “Oh shut up. I know you’ll be moaning it in no time.” He sent a little wink my way. “Me? Please. I have a boyfriend.”


A blank expression fell upon his face. “Oh really. Whats your lover’s name?” Well, the amusement was clear in his voice. “Umm, it’s Gary. And he’s way hotter than you. I don’t go for hot scene guys.” I really need to think before I speak.

“So I’m a HOT scene guy, am I?”

“No, I’m just saying what every girl in the world thinks.”

“You’re included in that group of girls.”

“Nonono, every other girl from me.”

“I find you attractive, Ash.” Dr. Martha butted in. Silence fell over the room. “Gee, thanks Greta.” I stifled more laughs as I layed down on the table as instructed. “Now close your eyes and relax.”
Heya guys!
I had an X-Ray today (like somebody) and got scared out of my mind because my Mother thought I was gonna get naked in front of a doctor.
Don’t worry. I didn’t.
Got you worried there, eh?
Goodnight Flutterbys,
Lexi xx

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