Want a Kiss?

Morgana is a weird girl who likes Pokemon and writes smut about Merlin and Arthur having dirty dungeon sex (yes, Morgana is her real name.) But she has never had a boyfriend (I wonder why.)
In this story, Morgana is faced with a sexy EMO lookin guy with fabulous blue eyes. But will she ever have a chance with him? I haven't the foggiest idea.


3. Don't Mess with This Scene Bitch

Want a Kiss?

Chapter 3

“It seems you’ve slipped a disk in your spine, a very vital disk. You’re lucky your mother had the devotion to drive you all the way here from Birmingham.” Okay, fourth time today gagging on my tongue. “It’s true, all she ever wants to do is play video games, watch boring T.V. shows and eat fattening foods. It’s quite sad actually.”


I scoffed,, a little bit of oreo flying out of my mouth. Ash raised an eyebrow while I recovered the lost food and shoved it back in my mouth, where it rightfully belongs. “Morgana (despite the fact that she is a slobbering pig) is a very talented dancer. She even attends L'école de branleurs.”


Which translates perfectly to: School for Wankers.


I was extremely proud of myself when I told her this, and she believed me.


Flashback of humor


“Oh Mother, Dearest! I have such an eventful day at my college of arts! In French, we learned comment violer un ours polaire (another tremendous accomplishment)! I found out that I’m going to a great school of  branleurs”


No more humor


Ash burst out in heavy laughter in the corner. “Really, Morgana?! Really!?” He shouted in between breaths. My Mother’s lips pursed out an extra 2 metres, whereas Dr. Martha’s face showed nothing but admiration.




“Oh, Do forgive me Mrs. Evans. I was just disgusted at the fact that she attends such a high class school. I would be intensfully grateful if I have enough money to be at least half as lucky as this little trolop. I’ve been working over this winter break to help my parents hold the household.” Oh god, he really is a little girl. “Oh, how greatfull! I do imagine your parents love you more than life itself! Morgana never does anything. I’m surprised she can maintain her great figure with the amount of junk food she consumes.”


“She does have a rocking bod.”


This is why I’ve been single for so long. “Ashley, do refrain yourself from throwing yourself upon our client. I know she is a much more fertile version of myself, but please keep it in your pants.” Oh, Dr. Martha, how I love how you make things even more uncomfortable.


“Well, Morgs and I should be heading off! How long do you think it’ll take for my little ballerina to heal?” My Mother asks, oh so caringly! “Not as quick as a common slipped disc. She’ll be on her feet and twirling in quite some time. Maybe three months? Let’s just hope she doesn’t loose her skills that you brag about so much.”


It’s official. Dr.Martha is a saint. “Oh! This simply cannot do! Is there anything we can do to save her quicker?” I swear my Mother is bonkers sometimes. “Well, we could book her in her twice a week for good check-ups. She does attend school just down the road? Maybe after school on Wednesdays and Fridays? See you then, Morgana!” Dr. Martha seems awfully chipper to be announcing terrible news to a ‘dancer.’


“Will I be stuck in that shithole *ahem* school while I’m injured?” I asked, like the dapper little teenager I am. “Oh, heavens no! Rest is vital for healing!”







“Would you like any more ice-cream?” Gosh, my Mother can be so smothering when I’m ill. “No, just a stable WiFi connection and oreos and I’m good!” And I can be such a slob when I’m sick. When Satan left my room, I opened up my good old ‘Dell’ laptop and started surfing on Quotev.


‘3 new comments on your profile’


Well, that’s always a good thing to see. I click on the first two and have a good old chat with two of my fans. And the third is a classic ‘follow for a follow’ comment. I don’t understand how these people can just ruthlessly spam your profile and not even look at your profile. I made it quite clear (pink, obnoxious and bold letters) that I DON’T WANT TO FFF PEOPLE!!!!!!


Once finished on my rant to the annoying scene wannabe girl, I looked up at the notification flag one more time.


‘1 new comment on your profile’


At 7:34; Pussy Destroyer:

Gosh, your story suck. Learn about originality! But you looked amazingly hot in those robes I gave you at the X-Ray centre. Hopefully your stores aren’t the only things that get sucked in the near future. ;)


And Ash has found my profile. And, what does he mean ‘unoriginal’? I am popular on this website simply because I can write something without looking at a bunch of other people’s stuff. And his arrogance is so annoying!


And it’s time to reply to the comment >:)


At 8:56; Dark Poet:

You can’t keep your eyes off me, can you? And, what do you mean unoriginal? I just looked at your history on your profile, and it’s littered with One Direction Smut and Fluff! I never knew you had a soft spot for the boys <3


I lied to him about the smut and fluff part. His profile consisted of quizzes about how well you perform in bed, and god knows what with dolled up whores on the covers. “Dr. Martha said that rest is necessary for a healing patient. Now shut your ugly eyes and give me the laptop!” Gosh, little sisters are such trolops! “What do you want it for?”


I’ve been having field days with the history on my computer right after people borrow it. One time I had a squiz after my brother used it, and let me tell you, it was clogged up with girly music and clothing websites. I am never going to let him live that down. His friends ignored him for a couple of weeks after I told them. And when they stopped ignoring him, he was refered to as “Tay-Babe.”


I know you think I’m a horrible sister for doing that, but I’m actually a very nice girl. He broke my hair straighter while trying to straighten his pubes. That’s not even the most disturbing part, his pubes were still caught in the straightener when it was long gone.


“Nothing in particular.”


My sister watches Porn. I have seen the amounts of time she watches the videos. God, she’s so dumb. She even favorited a porn video, and my eyes blew up. My brother an I made a pact never to tell anyone.


“I’m actually recovering from a serious injury. I shark bit my back.” I earned a roll from the eyes and a dive for the laptop. “Fuck off you fucking tosser!” I screamed at her dyed pink hair. And then she ran out of the room cowering. Don’t mess with this scene bitch.


‘Pussy Destroyer replied to his comment on your profile”

WTF no. Why, do you read that dirty shit, because we could make a script out of that crap and make a million in porn. You have the body.






I know, not a very pleasing ending.

But I had to go and help my brother with his maths, and I didn’t want to lose focus.

So, Another chapter ASAP.

Thanks for the support and ILY!

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