Petals from the Moon

Ronin samurai...said to be a curse by some. Those without honor, without a master. Shiroi was one of these men, though he had a rather large secret that he kept from his fellow Ronin. One being that he wasn't even actually samurai the other, well, the fact he wasn't even a man at all...

This is a very short single glimpse.


1. Petals from the Moon

Hana glanced around quickly into the dark of the night, her dark brown eyes having already adjusted to the pale light of the moon showing through to see if any of her group had possibly wandered near in search of her. She was fairly sure that the spring was far enough away from camp however that no one had followed her, and she could see no silhouettes. She let out the breath she had unknowingly pent up in her chest, soft and slow, as she began to disrobe. She slipped her slender, but well muscled, arms out of the voluminous sleeves and let the top part of juban and kimono hang loose about her waist.

Taking another glance around the area she reached up behind her and carefully grabbed the tuck of fabric to begin unraveling the brace. As she unwrapped the fabric that kept her breasts flattened and hidden from her compatriots she felt her breathing ease, and she sighed deeply, wincing at a stitch of pain from having her chest cramped up in the tight wined. She dropped the wrapping to the forest floor, did a few stretches to loosen the tightness she felt, feeling the muscles beginning to throb. After removing the rest of her clothing she dipped a toe into the frigid waters and then carefully stepped in, shivering as the cold wrapped around her.

It had been a long time since she had been able to wash, with the men always around her. Trying to keep them in the dark about her gender caused her to have to make small sacrifices such as bathing regularly. However, being able to be a samurai was worth it, worth the smell, worth hiding what she truly was from them. If they knew she was a woman they would think she was a lesbian, and not talk the way they did, no, she would loose the only real friends she had ever had. Comrades in arms, brothers. No, she knew that the second they knew she had breasts and was lacking the necessary equipment between her legs they would shun her, strip her of her swords, and drop her off at the nearest village if she was lucky. If she was not...she didn't even want to think about the ramifications. She let out a heavy sigh, rolling her neck and shoulders to work out the kinks of a long day or riding and practicing as they made there way to the next province, rubbing at the muscles to wash the grime and stress away.

One would think that her being a warrior would have allowed her mind to pick out the disturbance in the pool behind her, or that another set of hands reaching up to caress her shoulders and massage them would have triggered some sort of alarm in her mind that she was not alone. Then would not have been the first time she could have drifted off to sleep in the waters. Her head tipped forward as the hands gently massaged away the knots in shoulders and neck, drawing forth a musical sigh from her lips. When the hands began to trail lower on her back, a force piped up in the back of her mind that something wasn't right about this, something was terribly wrong. She shoved it away in favor of the thumb that had just found another knot in her lower back, this time her head tipping back and resting against the man's shoulder, but in the same instance exposing her chest. The hands on her back froze, and then slipped up to cup her exposed breasts, and her eyes popped open in alarm, fear ripping into her chest as she heard the words whispered into her ear.

"I know what you are Shiroi-san..." She spun out of the man's grasp, stuttering. "S-shimo-san! W-what are you....." She never got to finish her sentence as he was suddenly pressing her up against the rocks behind her, cornering her, and pinning her there with his body a finger against her lips. Her eyes were wide with fear and dread. He would tell the others, she was sure of it, or worse blackmail her into 'favors'. She was shaking beneath him, and he seemed to try to give her a reassuring smile, though she was not sure if her eyes were merely playing tricks upon her.

"Do not worry," he said in a low whisper, "I will not tell them what a blossom our Shiroi is." He moved his finger from her mouth and shyly leaned forward, looking to her eyes and then her lips before allowing them to lightly brush against hers, and then he was gone. Away to the far side and climbing out and quickly getting dressed. He turned to her and bowed respectfully. "Do not linger to long, or they might try to come find you." He tossed her a wink and walked quickly back in the direction of their camp. She merely stared after him, her hand coming up and touching her lips where a burning sensation lingered. For some reason...she trusted that he would not tell them.

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