One of the guys.

Zayn Malik .
Every girl in school thought he was hot ,
but Alisa felt like he was a bad boy and a bad influence , but could a math class bring them together ? Will she fall in love with him ? But does he feel the same ?


4. Chapter 4




It hit me. Right when he was leaving I finally came to my senses. I was just played by Zayn Malik. Oh no he didnt . I ran out the door . Thinking that he liked me. He called me sexy just to tease me and put thoughts in my mind that werent true. Tears flooding my eyes i managed to catch up to him before he got in his car. I turned him around . 

"This is what you planned the whole time right? Playing with my feelings. I bet you that you'll ignore me at school huh? " by then my tears fell out of my eyes. "You probably dont even like me !! How could you?" I could tell he saw my hurt soul.





"You probably don't even like me !! How could you?" . I immediately saw the hurt her eyes. What did I do? She was as innocent as a baby that was just born. 

"I can explain Alisa! I didn't play you!" I really wanted to explain. Honestly she was beautiful. I remember when we had met , I fell for her that right moment. But now I felt horrible. 

"You probably do this to every girl right? Thats why they like you so much !! " She started crying. I hugged and i was suprised that she hugged me back . I took her inside . 

"Look Alisa, I dont do this to every girl. This is only my second time . And the first was a mistake! But Alisa I do like you! I didnt plan this. I just really like you. I got carried away. but if you hate me then I'll go. I get it. " I made my way to the door. "NO! Please I am sorry Zayn! I do love you!" I turned around and was in shock. She loved me? But i didnt feel the same! "Oh..... Then I'll stay" I wanted to avoid the subject of love . 

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