One of the guys.

Zayn Malik .
Every girl in school thought he was hot ,
but Alisa felt like he was a bad boy and a bad influence , but could a math class bring them together ? Will she fall in love with him ? But does he feel the same ?


3. Chapter 3

Zayn's P.O.V

We were making out . making out . huh, I liked the sound of it . I broke away from the kiss . she looked at me confused then looked down to her books . I was still processing this . I just stole her virginity . wait till the guys here this! but wait . nobody knew her . I mean I was popular and if I didn't know her , then nobody knew her . What was going on ?

"So um should we get started ?" she asked me with the most innocent voice I have ever heard.

"You still wanna study ?" I said with a laugh . she clearly didn't realize that I only came here for sex. I mean , I'm no man-whore or anything . I've only done it 2 times and that was with some girl at a party .

"Yeah. If you want" I knew what she meant.

"Oh well the only thing I want is you " I said with a smirk . Honestly , I really liked this girl . It was something about her eyes that mesmerized me . I noticed her blush . I didn't want anymore of this . This was way too awkward . I saw how she started to lean in for a kiss . I leaned in . I felt her smile. It made me smile . we kept kissing until her phone rang .

Alisa's P.O.V.

We were kissing when my phone rang . Seriously . I checked to see who it was . It was my parents . Great . I put it on speaker .

"Hello?" i spoke into the phone . I wanted to end this call as soon as possible to get back to Zayn.

"Hi honey!" they nearly yelled into the phone .

"What do you need? I was um .... studying . " Ugh.

"We just wanted to say hi to our little girl! " I saw Zayn laugh .

"shhh!" I whispered to Zayn . "Um yeah ! hey guys ! how's work or whatever your gone for?" I tried to sound really causal . ya know , the type of casual that means 'I just had sex but my parents just called me so this is bullshit' .

"Great! We actually found some cool new things with stocks! did you know .....-"

"yeah great mom well I have to go . bye love you two!"

"Love you too hunny!" and with that I ended the call. Zayn erupted with laughter . jerk .

"now where were we?" I said with a smirk and a slight wink .

" Yeah about that . I gotta go ." why? ugh!

"How come ?" seriously Zayn?

"While you were on your phone with your mommy and daddy it got a text . from my mom . she said for me to come home . something with my aunt coming over . sorry " he kissed me on the cheek . why did he have to leave now?

"oh it's okay . Do you need a ride ? " I asked

"sure" he responded . I was mad . but why? just this morning I thought that there was no reason to fall for him but here I was . he got his stuff and we left . the car ride was awkward as fuck! when we got to his house it said buy and he did too . I didn't know what to do . I was just about to say bye again when I was interrupted with soft lips on mine . I went with the flow until I needed to breath .

" well bye Zayn " I said

"bye . see ya tomorrow " he said then kissed me on the cheek . I think I really liked him .

Authors note!

hey guys! well I'm not gonna be like most authors which live for authors notes ! but thanks for reading ! please comment! I don't know what to do next ! comment some ideas ? thanks!


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