Just Another Boy From Pennsylvania

Sophia Sikes was a broken girl against the world. Sure, she was just only 13 years of age…but can't anyone be broken? She has really good friends though, her two closest ones are Lexi Carnelle and Richard Mead. Although honestly she has feelings for Richard but she hides them just hoping one day that they will be something. But what happens when Sophia downloads an app to make friends? Can one person and one message change her life…forever?


2. Richard 11-4-13

Dear Journal,

Umm hey? I feel so stupid right now writing in this but oh well. I refuse to call it a diary though. This is my journal, not a diary. 

The only reason Im writing in this is because i know how much Sophia loves writing. And maybe one day i could possibly give her this diary because all I'm going to do is write about how much i love her. I love Sophia Sikes with all of my heart. She's just so amazing. Everything about her is flawless. I just got back from watching her cheer and she was amazing. I didnt see another cheerleader besides her. She stood out to me. And the way she looked up and smiled when she saw me in the bleachers took my breath away. I acted cool but inside… i was dying.

I would never tell her these things though. I highly doubt she likes me. Im just the best friend material to her, you know? And she has so many beautiful things in life she's going to accomplish and i would never want to stand in the way of those. She's so ready to get out of this small town in Arkansas and all i want is to stay here for the rest of my life and be the country boy i am.

She's just so beautiful though….I think I may surprise tomorrow. She always smiles when i show up at her door. I guess we will see what happens.






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