My name is Annabel. Annabel Hughes. or so I thought. After reviving a letter to a school called Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry my life got complicated.
First of all, my parents aren't my real parents, and I am famous! In the wizarding world at least. I also was told what the lightning shaped scar on the back of my neck meant. Oh and one more thing, I have twin brother named Harry Potter!


3. Hogwarts express

    Later McGonagal took me to Kings Cross station where I ran into the bushy haired girl called Hermione again, and we shared a compartment with a round boy called Neville Longbottom who had lost his toad Trevor.We put on our robes and went around looking for Trevor. We went into a compartment with two boys in it. One with flaming red hair and freckles. Another that looked a bit like my father from the few pictures i had seen of them. I also learned that i looked like my mother

he had a lightning scar on his forehead like the one on my neck. The boy with the lightning scar looked at me like I was speaking a different language. "Potter, my name is Potter. Harry Potter." "Professor McGonagal told me I had a twin, so you must be him!" I exclaimed. 

                                                                               Harry's POV                                                                 

  Ron and I were just enjoying our food, and all of a sudden two girls burst into our car and started talking about a frog. Suddenly one of the girls who looked a bit like me said her name was Annabel Potter. So of course I told her my name was Potter too, and she said we were twins! "I'm sorry, but I am an only child. I have been living with my aunt and uncle. My parents were killed by a dark wizard." I said. "Mine did too! Except I have been living with my adoptive muggle parents," she said. "Well, if you see a toad let us know! You should change into your robes. We are almost there! We can talk more at school." Hermione said.

                                                    Annabel's Pov

We returned to our cabin and gathered our things. Herbert was hooting madly because he had been alone so long. I left all my things and got off the train. I heard a large man yelling,"Firs' years over here." So Hermione and I went to him. Harry was talking to him like an old friend. I asked him how he knew him, and he said Hagrid (the large man) had been the one to take him to Diagon Alley. We got on some boats with Neville, Harry, and Ron, and floated towards a large castle. A woman greeted us and told us to form a line. We came up to some of the largest doors I had ever seen and waited for them to be opened.


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