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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


4. yahir

Abby's POV:

We were slowly walking back to the park. He still had my left hand in his right hand. And in my right hand I had an rainbow flavored ice- cream I bought at the store. "Who was he? Nathan, is he like your brother or something?" I spoke softly. He stopped walking and let go of my hand.

"Abby if you ever see him again go the other direction." He said in a strict tone."why?" I asked curious."he's nothing but trouble." He said as we kept walking.

"How do you know him?" If Nathan's nothing but trouble how come yahir knows him. I still think there brothers. Nathan has the same color hair as yahir. They both look kinda similar to each other. Except Nathan is full of tattoos and yahir doesn't have any, I think?

"We........erm......... We were put together to sell stuff and we....... We became 'friends.'" We walked to the swings and I sat on one and yahir sat on the one by my side. Then he yanked my ice-cream. He licked it then looked at me. I pretended to be mad but I couldn't help but smile. "You want it back?" He asked as he had a smirk across his face."yes please." I said in a baby voice. Then he just looked at me then licked the ice-cream over and over waiting for me to get grossed out."still want it?" He said as he pushed it towards me. I yanked it away and started it lick it. "Wow." He said as he slowly clapped an started to chuckle. "Wow, what?" I asked curious. It's not like I did a lame fucking magic trick. "Most girls just let me have what I took. But not you you're different." He said as he looked into my deep brown eyes. I quickly looked away. "Different in a good way or different in a bad way?" I asked. "Good." He said smiling to him self but at the conner of my eye I could see him.

"Yahir I have two brothers, I'm use to having other peoples germs." I said giggling. He probable thought I was those types of girls who are 'girly'. "Soooo. I told you about me so now you tell me about you." I said as I pointed to him. "First things first, I'm not as good as I may seem." He said as he gave me a serious look.

"Well, my name is yahir coria.i live in a flat. I have 1 older brother but he got killed. I have 1 younger sister and she moved because people like Nathan wanted her dead. My mom is also dead. Jake (Nathan's cousin) killed my mom and my dad left when I was young. Me and Nathan we put together when we were in a gang. I use to sell drugs and smuggle drugs. Now and then I get some weed and other shit from Nathan. Earlier he didn't just come to say 'hi' he came to warn me that I owe him."

"And if you don't pay him?" I asked softly. "He kills me or kills someone that's close to family." He said. Ok wait?!? He was in a gang and was all bad ass with Nathan. He has no family. And can get killed for drugs."yea......" He said quietly.

Yahirs POV:

"Yea........" I said looking at the dirt Beneath our feet. Then I felt to small warm little arms around me. I look down and Abby was just smiling at me with her arms around me. "What's that for?" I asked while chuckling. "Your all alone." She said as she let go of me. She was right. I have no family. No mom or dad. No........ Nothing. I couldn't help but let a tear slip out of my eye. I've been holding my tears for a while. I usual cry when no one is around but Abby made me realize I'm all alone and I'll always be alone. She slowly put her fragile small hand gently on my chin and then lifted my head to look at her. She wiped my tear away."you have me." She said softly. "Abby I barely met you." I said chuckling. "Yea I forgot." She said."it's cause I feel like I've known you longer." She said as she got up and threw the ice-cream in one of the parks trash cans. Then she came back but sat on a bench in front of the swings. I got up and sat next to her. Like, right next to her. Then I wrapped my arms around her."are you gonna go home it's getting late. I'll walk you to your house?" As I looked to my right, past the trees I saw the sun about to set."no, I actually like this part of the day."

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