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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


9. woods

Yahirs POV:

Then She turned to me. "I had a great time......" She softly said as she put on her jeans then her shirt and beanie. "Come on!" She said with a devilish smile. She reached her hand out to me and I grabbed it. She pulled me the opposite way as her brothers car.

She didn't seem as good as she actually was......

And I liked it. She pulled me past a street. Farther and farther from the lake. From her brother. We were about to pass a street when I pulled her back. We were now only inches away. "Abby are you crazy? If your brother catches us?" She just stayed looking at me with a smirk. Then she just leaned in our lips closer and closer. I was about to kiss her when she tugged me across the street. I groaned then looked up at the direction we were heading. We were going towards the woods. "Comm on!" She said tugging me closer and closer inside the woods. I didn't move. This isn't such a good idea. "Abby were going to get lost." I said calmly to her. She had no expression on her face, just a plane look. "Trust me." She said as she kept trying to drag me in.

I just let her and there was a trail going into the woods. We found a small worn down cottage. Abby let go of me and slowly walked towards the cottage. She when around it and to the back. I walked closer to see where she had gone and it had a small playground. "Abby what is this?" I said a couple feet away from her. She turned to me and glazed at me.

"I use to come here with jayden all the time." She said in her angelic voice. Then she walked past me. Closer to the cottages back door and twisted the rusty door nob then pushed herself into it causing it to open. She walked in and I was right behind her. Every step we took there was a creak on the wooden floor. She walked into a room that looked pretty much plain. The walls were painted a solid peach color. A bed and a window by it. A tv on a table and by the window there was a shelf. I walked past Abby and towards the self. It had pictures of an lady. One was a beautiful lady with long chess-nut brown hair, next to her was a little boy which looked about 5. Then she had another of her in a wedding dress with a groom. He had a black tuxedo. Probable there wedding day? Just then I heard a loud creak behind me. I got frightened and jumped. Abby had jumped on the bed. "Abby don't scare me I almost shitted myself." I said walking towards the bed. Then I flopped on it causing Abby to jump. "I like scaring you." She said as I looked over at her and she had a cute plastered smile on. "You shouldn't." I said shaking my head. "And why not?" She said now having a devilish smile on. "Because you'll have to be punished." I whispered in her ear sending goose bumps down her back. "Me punished?" She said trying to sound serious. "Yes." I said as I rolled on top of her. I was grabbing her wrists, not hard just so she won't be able to escape. "Do your worst." She said with an evil grin. Then I closed the gaps between our body. Then I did what came into mind.

I kissed her.

I got up fast and ran down the hallway and into what looked like the kitchen. And I waited, to see if she would come.

Abby's POV:

He kissed me. Then he got up and ran off. After a while of thinking about the kiss. Did it mean anything to him? Was he only playing with me? I got up and shook it off and snook to where I saw him run to. He ran into the kitchen. I slowly crawled closer. He had his back towards me, he was probable rummaging though the old stuff that was there. I snuck right behind him. Only inches away, I stood on my tippy toes and whispered right in his ear "boo!"

He jumped causing the floor bored to break and he was stuck. I couldn't help but laught. His foot and leg was stuck under the floor. "Oww, it's not funny." He said trying to keep a serious face. "My foot hurts, help me out please?" He said as he made a puppy face. "Okay." I said as I walked away and started to think? With what should I help him out? Eh I'll just pull him out. I swung over my hand and he gladly grabbed it and pulled himself up but soon fell back down cuz I fell! All the weight caused the old wood to crack and break. Now we were both stuck. Then he started to chuckle. "And what's so funny about this?" I asked turning my head towards him. "N-nothing." He said as he tried to hold his laughs back. I pulled my leg expecting to get it out. But no, I got a sharp pain on my leg "oww!" I yelled. It hurt. Then yahir turned to me "what?!" He yelled at me sounding more serious than before. "Just try to get out!" I snapped at him. We were both stuck and In the middle of the woods. What made it worse it that my foot probable had a cut or broken.he tried to pull him self out but just broke the floor more and ended up getting more stuck. I tried again to pull out my foot but ended up getting the same painful feeling in my leg. I sighed and reached out my phone which was previously off. I turned it on and had 11 missed calls by jayden and 6 messages. I call him and it didn't take long for him to answer. "Abby where have you been? Are you okay?! I waited for you but you never came I went to check the lake but you left with that boy! You DO know what time it is, right?!" He yelled into the phone. "Jayden calm down. I ermm............ I'm stuck and so is yahir and we can't get out, we need your help?" I said as there was just silence. Then I heard some rummage going on in the other line. Then I heard a car turn on. "Where are you?" He said sounding more calm."I'm down in the woods, inside the cottage." I said as I hung up then faced yahir. "So.....How do you know about this place?" He asked ending the silence between us. "Me, jayden, and Andrew would come to the woods when we were young and we found this place. Ever since that day we use to come here all the time." I said as he just nod. Then I heard foot steps coming from the back entrance. The foot steps got closer and I saw it was jayden. "Look at what mess you got my sister in!" He said pointing to me but looking at yahir. "Jayden I---" "you stay out of this!" He snapped looking furious." Listen you keep away from my little sister!" He said now snapping at yahir. Then he leaned over and pulled me out. My foot hurt every second but I tried not to show emotion. Then he pulled my up and I tried standing up but fell over from my jacked up leg. Jayden quickly turned to me. "What's wrong?" He said as he was about to pull yahir out. "Nothing." I lied. I don't wanna get him all worried up. He pulled yahir out and grabbed me. "Come on Abby, where leaving." He said as he pulled me up. I stepped on my leg and fell again. Yahir rushed past jayden and carried me up. "Abby you need to go to the hospital." Yahir said not even looking at jayden. I looked past yahir and saw jayden furious from yahir picking me up.

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