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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


35. who's there

"Abby..." Corey mumbled

"What?" I said sounding annoyed. "I have to pay before we leave." He said back. "You don't have to, you WANT to." I said as I walked away.

We were in his car and about to drive off "where do you wanna go?" He asked turning towards me. "I wanna go to Australia." I mumbled. "No not that. Were do you want me to drive you." He said chuckling.

I had to think... If I go home I'm probably going to get shit with hunter and Andrew. If I go over to Harry's and yahirs flat I'll get shit. Eh I'll just go home.

"Erm... My house." I said as we started to drive off. I told him where I live and he drove me home.

***skip car ride***

I got out of his car and slowly walked towards the door. A shiver ran down my back as I was getting closer. "Do you want me to go with you?!" I heard Corey yell from his car. I just shook my head and moved the rug on the floor to reveal a shiny key. I slowly unlocked the door and crept inside. 'Cause your the apple to my pie. Your the straw to my berry. Your the smoke to my high and your the one I wanna marry' my phone rang loud and I quickly turned it off.

"WHO'S THERE?!" I heard someone yell from the kitchen.

Great. Notice the sarcasm.

Song:perfect two By: Auburn

Short chapter cause it's late and I can't focus right at night. Bye ^-^

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