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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


6. skinny dipping

He took off his shorts. OMG this boy is just undressing in front of me like he's not in public. He was just in his underwear's when I spotted out another tattoo right above his left hip bone. It was a pair of dice.

He slid off his boxers. And his, his D was right in front of me. His D as in dick. I felt awkward. I quickly looked away. As I felt the heat in my cheeks. "Like what you see." He sarcastically said as he jumped into the big lake. "Are you coming in?" He asked. From the water. I looked towards him as I saw his dark hair all messy an wet. "No. I good up here, all dry." I said as I walked a couple feet away from the lake and sat down on the green freshly cut grass. Still looking at him. He slowly came towards the edge. And jumped out. I could see every inch of his body. "Aren't you confident about your body." I said sarcastically. "You bet I am. Now are you coming in or do I have to drag you in." He said pointing towards the lake. "Do I have a choice." I said as I slowly got up and went towards him. "Nope." He said as he approached me. He had a devilish smirk. "Ugh." I groaned as I slowly took of my shirt.

"Wow." He said as he looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Never mind." He said as he shakes his head with a smile. I took off my skinny pants and my beanie. "Stop looking at me!" I said as his eyes burned through me. "I can't your, your beautiful." He said as he looked at me in my panties and bra. "No I'm not." I mumbled under my breath . "Let's go." I said as I slowly started walking towards the lake. He grasped my wrist. Then turned me around. "What?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Your undies and bra?" He said a with an evil smile. "Yahir." I wined as I tugged him towards the water but he was to strong to pull. "Fine. Unbuckle my bra strap." I said as I picked up my hair with one hand and the other guided him towards my bra. His soft finger touched my small back and gave me goose bumps. He slowly unbuckled it and I let my hair go back down my back. One hand was against my bra and breasts my other hand was pulling my forever 21 underwear down.

I ran straight into the lake but before I jumped in I felt to muscular hands around my waist. "Ah!" I yelped as yahir grasped me. "Why don't you think your beautiful?" He asked me as we were right by the edge of the lake. I threw myself into the cold water. And of course yahir fell in. We were both wet and naked and cold. He came close to me and went under the water. He picked me up. Like a piggy back ride. My legs where on his chest and I couldn't help but laugh. He threw me back and I sunk to the bottom of the lake. The soft warm sand underneath me felt so good on my back. I didn't want this moment to end. I opened my eyes and it was beautiful. I could see the moon from under the water. Even though it looked blurry. I looked around me and saw amazing fish by me. They weren't to big nor to small. Now I'm not going to lie and say the water was clean and baby blue. No it was kinda dirty and was a light, very light green. But I don't mind if the water is totally clean. Just as long as I don't drink it I'm fine. I felt a hand grab mine and pull me back up. It was only yahir. My head perked up from the water as I gasped for air. "Are you okay? You've been under water for a while." He said in a kinda worried tone. "Perfect." I replied as I looked into his dark brown eyes. "What are you thinking?" He asked as he got closer to me............

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