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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


2. morning

I woke up screaming from my night mare.then my white door opened slowly."hey doll"he whispered. Ugh I hate the way he calls me 'doll'. And I just hate him."get out Andrew!" I screamed at him not wanting him to be in my only exit way, my door. His hair was like it always is. In messy curls and his eyes were red. Was he crying? Or was he on his drugs again? He didn't even move. He just stared at me with his blue eyes. Oh how he reminded me of my mom "I said GET OUT!"..... Nope he didn't even move a muscle. "MOVE!" I heard a voice behind Andrew. I couldn't help but smile as I saw Jayden's happy face. He pushed aside Andrew and walked towards my bed sitting on the edge. "You okay?" He said making circles on my blanket. "Yea just a night mare then when I woke up Freddy Crugger over there almost gave me a heart attack" I said as I pointed to Andrew which had a smirk. Then jayden giggled knowing that Andrew can be sneaky and he can also scare the shit out of you at times."Oh ok well come and eat." He said as he started walking out the door but stopped at Andrew. "Don't fucking touch her!" He whispered but I could still hear him. Then he pushed Andrew to the side and left.

Andrew POV:

"Don't fucking touch her" he said as he left. He shouldn't worry I'm not in the mood anyways. Abby just sat on her bed with the covers just above her hips. Oh how beautiful she look. NO! She is my sister and I shouldn't even fucking think of her that way!............. Sometimes I just can't help myself, she's irresistible. "Andrew go away." She said as she looked at her light blue sealing. I ain't gunna move."I dun know doll, I'm cozy standing here watching you." She just looked at me with anger in her eyes. Why is she so angry I haven't done anything wrong?!?!? Yet........ "Andrew go do what you do best, go smoke you're pot."

"Kay." I said as she just looked at me. I walked away slowly leaving her door open.

Abby's POV:

"Kay" he said as he walked out. Of course he would say 'Kay' ugh....... I got out of bed and I didn't feel like changing so I just ran downstairs to da smell of pancakes. Jayden was making pancakes yay!!!!! "Good morning sleepy pants" I giggled to the thought of that, I had actually been away for some hour just Laying in bed thinking then i had fallen back to sleep. I slowly walked over to the kitchen table and sat down.

"What are you going to do today?"Jayden said trying to flip over a pancake. But he failed and dropped it on the floor.

"FAIL!" I screamed at him then I just laughed as I was looking at him try to pick it up.

"Ha.....ha.....ha" he said sarcastically giving me the -not-funny- face. Then he was able to pick up the soggy pancake and throw it away. Then he handed me a white glass plate. I gladly grabbed it as he reached over to grab a bigger plate with 7pancakes. He picked up one and I pushed my plate front towards him.

"Gimmy da panc----" I got interrupted with a pancake thrown to my face. Then it slipped down on my laps.

"There you go." He said as he got a pancake and was about to eat it when I threw the pancake that he threw me first."oh so that's how your gunna play?" He said with a smirk on his face.

He walked over to me and started tickling me. I couldn't help but laugh as I tried kicking him but I ended up hitting the bottom of the table.

"Owwwwww" I squealed in pain.

"Are you okay?" He asked as I looked up and he had a worry face on."yea......" I said as I slowly lifted up my foot and I looked at it and it started to bleed. Not a whole lot just alittle.

"Ewwww" he said going to go get a bandied for my wound. Then I heard his foot steps get quieter as he went down the hallway towards the bathroom. Just sooner after I heard foot steps come slowly closer towards me. Soon enough a dark figure stood behind me.

"Hey doll." Great. Just fuckin great. He's the last person I wanna be alone with."Andrew go away......." I said in a pissed off tone. I didn't even turn around to look at him I just stared at my foot that was bleeding. It didn't hurt I just didn't wanna look at Andrews ugly face. "I ain't going to leave until you give me what I want." I couldn't hold the anger back anymore i turned around fast as I was about to snapped at him."ANDREW GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!! YOURE FUCKING DISGUSTING DICK FACE! YOU FUCKING RAPE ME AND YOU WANT ME TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!! HELL NO! I'D RATHER DO IT WITH A DOG THAN YOU!" He slapped me across the face. And I didn't even try to keep my self up, I let my self fall. I gasped for air as I could feel my cheek start to burn. "It's not you're fucking choice." He said nearing closer to me. I keep scooting back until my back was against the cabinet door with him inches away. "Andrew please leave me alone." I said trying to keep my voice strong. He then leaned closer to me. As I was trapped. He leaned in for a kiss but I just turned so he would kiss my cheek. Then I pushed him away but he just came back. He grasped my face right under my barely visible cheek bones. And forced me to kiss him. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't move. He touched my bottom lip with his tongue but I didn't let him In, in my mouth of course. I kept my lips solid closed. His grip on my face got tightened and I gasped for air but he just slipped his tongue into my mouth. Just then he slipped a hand under my shirt. As I kept trying to push him away. His hand getting closer to my bra strap. I kicked him in his dick as he let go of me.

"You stupid bitch!" He said as he looked at me with anger in his eyes. His hands on his pants by his dick where I kicked him. I felt pain in my leg as I looked down. My leg was bleeding more from the hard kick I gave him. He deserved that! "Try to fuck me now, with you're broken dick!" I said as I laughed an evil laugh and tried to get up. But my leg hurt like hell!!!! "Owwww" I screamed in pain as I stepped with my leg and fell back on the floor.

"Try escaping from me now. You fucking cunt!" He said sarcastically with a smirk on his lips. He slowly got up. Then jayden ran in.

"What the fuck happened?!?" He said as he looked around an saw me on the floor then he looked at Andrew. Jayden ran towards him and pushed him on the wall holding his collar on his shirt. "GET OUT! BEFORE I KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" Jayden screamed and punched Andrew on the face. Andrews jaw was red where Jayden had punched him. He slowly walked away as he turned and looked at me. "You won't be safe forever doll." Was the last words he said to me then walked out.

"Are you okay?!?!?" Jayden said as he touched my leg softly. And had a first aid kit in the other hand.

"Where the fuck were you!" I was now shouting at him. I was pissed. He wasn't there to help me. I could of gotten raped again. "I'm sorry....."he said in a soft quiet voice."I went looking for the bandages but there weren't any so I remembered there was a first aid kit in dad's room. He was asleep and I had to sneak in there. He woke up and got pissed and started pushing and kicking me."

"Jayden I'm sorry I yelled at you." I said as he opened the first aid kit and got a bandage out and put it on my leg. "It's fine...... Did Andrew do anything to you?" Then he looked up to my eyes and saw that my cheek was still red from the hard ass slap Andrew gave me. Then he got up and went in the refrigerator an got a ice pack and put it on my cheek softly. "I'm sorry"........ I looked at him in the eyes and he had sadness and guilt in them."Jayden don't be sorry, you didn't do anything." Then he just stayed looking at me "that's the reason I'm sorry for. I didn't do anything. I couldn't protect my little sis." I leaned towards him and gave him a hug. "Jayden you couldn't do anything. You were busy getting beat by our lazy mofo dad" I said trying to cheer him up. He just chuckled then helped me get up. My leg still hurt but i didnt want to make a big deal about it. I went to my room and looked through my closet for something to wear. I picked out a light blue Aéropostale shirt that said 'aero' In a bright pink words and it fit me tight. Just how I like it. I also got some ripped skinny jeans. And my black with white Jordan's that had a strip of blue on them. Last I got my black beanie and wore it. I got my galaxy 3, phone and put it in my bum pocket. And I slowly walked downstairs. Being careful of my leg not trying to put my weight on it. So it took me a while to get down stair. I finally got downstairs and quietly walked to the kitchen to get a cold water bottle when I heard someone in the kitchen. I stopped before I turned to reach the kitchen and leaned my head to see around the conner. It was my father. How the fuck am I going to leave if I have to pass the kitchen to get out the front door. I decided to just walk across him and ignore him being there. I turned into the kitchen and he saw me. I couldn't see what he was doing I just stared the other way. I felt a ruff big arm around my wrist. "Where do you think your going?" He said in a slurry deep voice. I think he was drunk...........

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