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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


24. maybe I'll die?

"W-why do I have to have a family like this?" I stuttered out. As a tear rolled down my cheek. I still faced the window. I hate it when people see me cry it makes me feel weak and...I just don't like it. "Why was that guy ontop of you?" Harry asked, he ignored my lat question. "A-Andrew... My brother..." I said as I tried to keep my voice strong. "Why are you crying?" Harry asked as he looked at me then the road then me. "I-I'm not crying..." "Abby I can hear your voice and plus I see your tears... Please don't cry... I know I can never fix what happened but I can always try." He said in a soft tone that I've never heard before. "My d-dad hates me. My brother rapes me. My m-mums gone. And my other brother is the only one that took care of me. I-I promised my m-mum before she d-died that whatever happens to me later on in l-life that I stay s-strong. I-I have a horrible p-past..." I mumbled out the last part as I wiped the tears that fell when I told him. "Horrible past?" Harry asked. Shit. He heard me.

"Y-yeah..." I said as I ran my fingers through my hair. "I was like... Depressed before and... I used to self harm and... Suicidal..." I mumbled hoping he wouldn't hear anything I said. "You?" He chucked sounding like he didn't believe me. "Abby you have the bubblies personality and your always happy. And suicidal psh you wouldn't hurt a fly." He said laughing at me. His mood changed from carrying into a total dick head.

More tears started rolling down my cheeks. I trusted him, I opened up to him and told him my past and he thinks I'm lying.

"I act all 'bubbly' so no one thinks something's wrong with me. And I'm always happy because that's what normal people do, I thought if I act happy maybe I can be truly happy. I've tried to kill myself more than 10 times because my life is a living hell. So get your head out of your ass it's not a hat and stop being a jerk!" I yelled at him as I opened the car door. "Abby close the door your going to fall out." He told me sounding more caring "I don't care..." I mumbled out as I looked at my opened door. We were on the high way and there was no way he could stop. "Close the door." Harry demanded. "No!" I shot back. "ABBY CLOSE THE GOD DAMN DOOR. STOP BEING A STUPID STUBBORN BRAT AND CLOSE THE DOOR!" He snapped at me.

I jumped out. He was right I couldn't even hurt a fly let alone less a human or other person but I sure as hell can hurt myself even If it ment proving someone wrong. Maybe now I'll die and leave this crappy world and be with my mum in heaven?

I'm so sorry I made her seem depressed I just thought it would be good to add more drama... And I kinda showed some of Harry's bipolar side ^.^ k bye luv u all<3 and thanks for reading^.^

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