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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


21. last night

Abby's POV:

I woke up to the smell of a strong sent. Vanilla?

I opened my eyes wide as I felt breathing beside me. It was Harry and we were on his bed. I was wrapped in his arms. There was light coming from his window is I guess it's pretty early in the morning. I tried to move but Harry had a strong grip on me.

I couldn't help but blush. But I just pushed him away.

I got up quietly and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I looked beautiful... Not. My hair was frizzy and all over my face. I decided to take a shower. I took the bandage off my leg and got in the shower. My leg didn't hurt anymore... That's good right? The hot warm water hit my back but it didn't burn. I used there shampoos and body wash.

I got out and wore harrys or yahirs shirt. Honestly I don't remember who's shirt this is... A lot of shut happened yesterday day and I had yahirs shit then I had Harry's so I don't remember who's shirt this is. I opened the bathroom door and walked back into Harry's room. "Are you gonna come lay down with me or what?" He mumbled and his morning voice was sexy. "I-I didn't k-know you were awake... Did I awake you?" I stuttered. He just chuckled and got up. And let me tell you this. This boy can look good in the morning. "How do you manage to look so good?" I blurted out but covered my mouth as I said that. "Sorry I wasn't thinking and what I meant to say was you look good in the morning. I mean your hair looks good in the morning. I mean... I'll just shut up." I said in my quick tone of voice. He just chuckled again "thanks I guess?" He said as he walked out and to the bathroom.

I decided since ima probably stay here for a while longer I should go rummage for food or look for something to eat.

I walked passed yahirs room and into the kitchen. I looked through some coverts then found bread. I also found peanut butter and jelly. Not a morning food or 'breakfast' but I suck at making food so peanut butter and jelly will have to do. "Do you guys want some peanut butter and jelly?!" I screamed from the kitchen.

I heard foot steps getting closer and as I looked up from the pj (peanut butter & jelly) sandwich I saw yahir. He walked close to me and kissed my cheek "good morning beautiful." He said as he took a sandwich from me and started eating it. "So..." He trailed off. "Huh?" I looked at him. "What got you so mad yesterday?" He asked me.

I remembered everything... The call...

"N-nothing." I stuttered. He just nodded his head. "Well got to go. Bye, love. Be back later." He said as he got up and gave me a kiss then was about to leave when I asked him a question "why do you call me 'love' If you have and American ascent?" He just shrugged his shoulders and walked out. I know that was a stupid question but I just felt like asking him.

Harry came out from his room with only sweats. I tried not to stare at him but I still catches glimpse of his body:3 "so are you going to tell me what happened yesterday?" He said as he started eating a pj sandwich. "Just family problems." I told him. I didn't want to tell him TOO much because I've learned not to trust people so easily. "Like what?" He asks trying to get more out of me. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch with my sandwich in my hand.

Harry's POV:

After last night I'm glad I'm still alive and yahir hasn't said anything about last night. After yahir threatened me saying 'she was his' we decided to not argue and just go to sleep. He was going to carry her to his room but I did since she was already in my arms. as I put Abby down on his bed she mumbled something to me 'Harry please don't go.'

I guess she didn't remember since she didn't bring it up today.

So after she said that I told yahir that she would sleep with me...

I got up from the kitchen island and sat with her in the living room. "Where's yahir?" I asked as she gazed at nothing. "Left somewhere." She said as she turned to me. "Where?" I asked sounding curious. "I dun know." She said as she got up. "I-I have to go home now..." She whispered and went to go get her clothing.

Short chapter but eh at least I updated it... So Abby's going home and has to deal with her family... And where the fuck did yahir go? But yeah it might take me a while to update:/ because I have a lot going on in my life... So yeah bye for now

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