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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


11. Hospital

Yahir had me in his arms. He was carrying me. I only broke my foot, its not like an animal bit my whole leg off and i cant walk. "Yahir you do know i CAN walk?" I whispered into his shirt. For some reason i felt scared like something was watching us. Lrucking in the dark ready to strike at us. Just thinking about it gives me shivers. "I know. I just like having you in my arms." He spoke softly walking on the dirt path. I had my face deep in his shirt. All i could here was leaves on the  grown being crunched by every step he took. Every second we spent in the god dam woods scared the shit out of me. I finally heard a car drive by and not leaves, i perked my head and saw the road right in front of us, farther off to the left was the lake then on the right was the hill. Yahir crossed the road not even putting me down. I glanced over to see a dark figure behind us.

It made me chuckle -in my mind of course- that it was only jayden looking as pissed off as can be. We finally reached the car and jayden pushed past us and unlocked the door and opened it. Yahir gently set me down on the seat, he was about to close the door when I grabbed ahold of his hand which ways on the door. "Wanna come?" I said to him making my famous puppy dog face. He chuckled to himself before hopping in. Jayden slammed the door shut and started heading down a narrow road. 5 minutes past and i couldnt take the silence anymore. "Sooo........" I spoke softly waiting for jayden or yahir to speak. "Whats your name?" Jayden asked yahir not daring to look back. "Y-Yahir coria." He stuttere. Aww is little baby yahir scared of jayden >__<

"how old are you?" Jayden asked yahir."Eighteen." 

"Where do you live, any family, why are you so interested in my sis?" Jayden spoke wanting answers. "Jayden! Chill your meat balls down!" I yelled at him. He doesnt need to know anything about yahir. Its non of his business. "Meat balls? Thats a new one." Jayden mumbled to himself. "What do you mean 'new one'?" I said kinda ticked. "A new word you made up." He said. I looked over at yahir and saw he was just day dreaming. Then i looked over at jayden and he looked lost in thought while facing the road, i decided not to start another akward conversation so i just straddled to my side and faced the window. I looked out and saw the lamp posts the dark sky and the shining moon.  A couple blocks later i saw a guy with a white hoodie on. He had his hoddie on so i didnt see his face. He just slowly limped down the empty sidewalk. Then jayden took a couple turns and BAM where here at the hospital.

yahir got out the car and jumped to my side while jayden was right behind us. I went into a white room with jayden and yahir. the doctor looked at my leg and asked me to try to move it and examined it then looked back at me. "Miss Garcia we are going to have to do a scan on your leg to see if its fractured." I just nodded and a nurse gave me a wheel chair and i gladly jumped on it then went to another room but much bigger than the last one. There was another patient in there and i heard the doctor talk to him before they took him out. "We just need to cheek the results mr styles then your free to go." He said as the guy left. Then i was wheeled to the other side of the room that had a thin wall and sat on the hospitals weird bed.

yahirs pov:

she got wheeled over to the other side and i couldnt see what happened. The nurse that brought the wheel chair looked at me and gave me a warmly smile. I smiled back and took a seat that was far off to the right of the room. Jayden sat next to me but didnt even glance over to me. The nurse came back and walked towards us. "Hello i need one of you to fill out these papers in the main desk." She said as she pointed to the door. Jayden grabbed the papers and walked out. She sat down on the chair that jayden had sat on before and leaned towards me. "Hello. Erm. I didnt catch your name?" She spoke as she faced me. Only inches away. "Yahir." I mumbled as i leaned back on the chair. "Is she like your girlfriend or what?" She asked. I looked at her and she had a grin on. "No shes my grandma, of course shes my girlfriend." I said sarcastically I spoke alittle louder than before. Im tired ive been out all day and i dont need an annoying girl getting in my business. "Oh." She spoke softy then slowly got up. I expected her to leave but she turned to me and handed me a small piece of paper. "Well if you get bored of her just call me." She said and winked at me before leaving. I crumbled the paper and stuck it in my pocket. 

Abbys pov:

i heard the whole conversation. He said i was his girlfriend? I couldnt help but feel my cheeks turn a light shade of pink. Then she had to ruin it and give him her number?! What the fuck? He's taken and she doesnt seem to understand it. Well hes not 'taken' but he said he was. I couldnt see his facial expression. I couldnt tell if he had a plastered smirk  or was tired or anything. After a while of thinking and having a machine hover over my leg i heard a sigh coming from the other side of the wall. The doctor was done and i hopped back on the chair and he pushed me this time. Yahir got up and we headed out into the white room from before. The doctor asked what had happened while he waited for the machine to get my scans done. Yahir told him and the doctor insisted on checking yahirs leg. "Is it okay if you stay here?" He spoke by the door. I just nood and watched him leave. Soon after the door opened and two nurses walked in. One was the slutty one giving yahir her number. She had crutches in her hands and threw them to the bed and almost hit my leg. "Bloody hell? Whats wrong with her?" I asked the other nurse had which picked up the crutches. The other slutty nurse had left. "She's just jealous about your boyfriend." She spoke in a high pitched voice. And started bandaching my leg up. Then left leaving the crutches by the bed. I hopped over and grabbed them and decided to venture out into the hallways. I slowly wobbled out of the room still getting use to using the crutches. Then as the clumsy self i am i fell. Face plant hard on the ground. Oww i rubbed my face and heard chuckling in front of me. I looked up to see that guy from the scanning room. He reached a hand out to me and i took it and regained my consions on the crutches. "Are you okay? You face plant real hard." He said still chuckling i just nod and walked down the hall looking at the closed wooden doors with patients inside. "Sorry i didnt catch you name?" I said as i was careful not to stumble over. "Harry. Harry styles." He said looking at me. "Abby Garcia." I smiled as i shook his hand then we walked back to my hospital room. "Well see ya around abby." He said as he walked away leaving me there in front of the room. I slowly opened the door and yahir rushed over to me. "Where were you?" He said furrowing his eye brows.



Hey you guys~PLEASE READ~ i dont know if my story is good and i really appreciate all the readers and im not gonna make this a long lecture about how you guys should like and shit like that. Im saying in not sure if i should continue with this story? What do you guys think???

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