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This fan fiction is about a girl who has been through so much. And she meets a guys who changes it all and his name is yahir (strange unique name but I like it). She falls in love with him but she falls for Harry too.


28. 2 weeks

Harry's POV:

"Hey Sara." "Hi Harry, nice to see you again... Abby's in room 245... They had to move her.." The lady who worked here said. I've been coming to the hospital for 2 weeks straight... Mainly every day. So I know some of the people who work here.

I slowly walked down the small hallways getting 'hi's' or hellos from doctors and nurses. I read the room numbers. "240... 242.... 243... 245" I mumbled as I opened her door. It still hurt to see her like this. She looked pale and she's lost weight. Her hair is kinda frizzy but I don't mind. "Abby?" I said wishing she would say something back... Anything. I sighed and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Hello?" I said as I picked up my phone. "Were the fuck is she.?.." He said. I sighed again before I spoke. "Yahir your just drunk... I'll talk to you later..." I said. "WHERE THE FUCK-" before he could finish I hung up on him. Yahirs been getting drunk and hanging around night clubs a lot... He just drinks himself away to not feel the pain. At first it was me and him going out then I stopped and started visiting Abby more. Yahirs only visited her about 4 times.

I stared at Abby. She looks so peace full. "Abby?... I miss you... We all do..." I said as I interwind our fingers together. I could see a faint smile coming from her lips. The doctor said that she could hear us just not see us neither react to us.


I stayed by her side for hours just sitting by her and watching her... I know that sounds creepy but she just looks so damn beautiful. She always looks beautiful.

My phone rang and I took it out. "Ello?" "Harry? What room is Abby in?" Yahir said. He didn't sound so drunk but he didn't sound sober either. "Room 245." I Muttered before I hang up on him.


I could hear the door open... It was yahir. "I-is that her?" He said pointing to Abby. I just nodded. "She looks fucked up." He said as he stumbled closer to her. "Fuck off... She's perfect." I said as I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

I took a better look at yahir. He look like he looks everyday... Well since Abby was here, at the hospital. Red puffy eyes. His clothes looks like he just threw on. And all slow and wobbly. He reeks of alcohol and cigarets. And he's a jackass like everyday.

His phone rang and he picked it up. "Hi... Yeah, yeah... I don't care... I don't have any money-" before he could finish I snatched his phone away. "Sorry about that he's not sober right now." I said into the phone. "Okay.. Well when he gets sober you deliver this message to him... He needs to pay or his little 'tramp of the week' will get hurt." A deep raspy male voice said. He didn't sound familiar neither kind. "Yahir?" I asked as I turned towards him. "Hhm?" He said as a response "who was that?.." I said as I pointed to his phone that was still in my hand "and why does he want money?" I added.

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