Always afraid

So my name is Sarah. My mother died two months ago. I wasn't very close to her she didn't really care for me. Im 13 years old. I don't have any electronics, i have never gone to school, the only time i am allowed outside is when i have to go get groceries for my father. Ever since i was born my father has told me i am worthless and unwanted, so i guess im worthless unwanted ugly fat, very very fat. So thats me, i dont know much so i guess i am stupid, i can talk but i only know the things i need to know to go to the store, like how to count money, how to lie about my scars and how to avoid people. Well i guess thats all.


5. what happened

I looked at my leg or I guess my stump. I started hyperventilating. The nurse quickly rushed to me and grabbed my hand "your ok, there was just and accident. You were shot in the leg and we had to amputate it" she said trying to calm me down. It only made it worse. She then pocked me in the arm with a needle and I began to calm down

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