Always afraid

So my name is Sarah. My mother died two months ago. I wasn't very close to her she didn't really care for me. Im 13 years old. I don't have any electronics, i have never gone to school, the only time i am allowed outside is when i have to go get groceries for my father. Ever since i was born my father has told me i am worthless and unwanted, so i guess im worthless unwanted ugly fat, very very fat. So thats me, i dont know much so i guess i am stupid, i can talk but i only know the things i need to know to go to the store, like how to count money, how to lie about my scars and how to avoid people. Well i guess thats all.


4. waking up

Sarah's pov)

I heard faint voices, "who is she?!" "I don't know" "she looks so peaceful"

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around and saw 5 pairs of eyes looking at me. I jumped back later regretting it. I hurt all over especially my leg. I got a better look and saw 5 boys looking at me "I think we're scaring her" a boy with longish hair swooped up said. I looked around and someone came in. I hid under the blanket that was covering the bed I was in.

"Wow I guess she's awake" I heard a female voice say in shock. I felt a hand touch me then the blanket slowly came off. "It's alright Hun' we just want to help" a British voice said. I looked up and a tear escaped my left eye. "I'm going to need you boys to leave while I speak to her" the female voice said, now that I could see her I noticed she had brown hair in a bun and her eyes looked kind. "Are you alright sweetly?" I slowly nodded no as she adjusted the wires connected to me. "How's your leg?" She asked last night rushed back into my head. I flipped the blanket up and saw it, my leg... Was gone.

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