Always afraid

So my name is Sarah. My mother died two months ago. I wasn't very close to her she didn't really care for me. Im 13 years old. I don't have any electronics, i have never gone to school, the only time i am allowed outside is when i have to go get groceries for my father. Ever since i was born my father has told me i am worthless and unwanted, so i guess im worthless unwanted ugly fat, very very fat. So thats me, i dont know much so i guess i am stupid, i can talk but i only know the things i need to know to go to the store, like how to count money, how to lie about my scars and how to avoid people. Well i guess thats all.


7. my new home

Sarah's pov

I woke up and looked around the 5 boys were gone except Niall he was asleep. I flipped the blanket up and looked at my missing leg. I moved my hand when it should be, my heart skipped a beat. I laid down and fell back asleep.

Nails pov

After Sarah fell asleep (we figured out her name thanks to her father) the nurse came in and I agreed to letting Sarah live with me and the boys in our flat. The boys left to get her room ready and they bought clothes for her and toys (I told them to buy kid stuff even though she was a teen because she hasn't really had a childhood) soon I fell asleep. I woke up to see her awake looking at me worried. "Did you get drunk?" She asked I laughed and said no, she was allowed to leave today "look Sarah you are going to live with me now. You will come home with me in a couple hours is that ok?" "Yes, are you strong?" I was a little surprised at the question but nodded yes she obviously got scared and his under the blankets "hey what's wrong?" "Well if you are strong my beatings will be very hurtful" "Sarah I told you I won't hurt you" I said I leaned in and kissed her head. 5minutes later the nurse came in with clothes for Sarah and helped her get dressed while I signed the release forms. She came out in a wheel chair, that was the first time I realized the missing leg. I got her into my car and drove off, she was very interested in the car she pressed buttons and looked out the window. She was like a curious puppy.

We got home and I took her to her room, she was on the bottom floor due to the wheel chair. We walked into her room and she gasped. "Wow" I was proud of myself I instructed the boys to get a laptop phone tv makeup dresses everything a teen would love but the first thing she said was "wow this floor is fuzzy!!!" "It's called carpet" "wow father says we can't have carpet because it would be too hard to get the blood out of after my beatings" She reached down and felt the carpet. She then rolled herself to the window. "Wow no bars!!!! Father says I have to have bars because the neighbors will get jealous of my beatings and call the cops!" She opened the window and stuck her head out and took a deep breath. "Do you like it here?" "Very much thank you, what do you like toe breakfast?" "Oh no you arnt making breakfast for me!" "Oh ok then dinner?" "Nope" i said popping the p. "Oh well ok when will my bread and water be delivered?" I sighed and walked over and sat on her bed, she came and joined me I lifted her onto the bed. "Sarah living here will be different than at your other home, we will not hurt you, we will make you breakfast you don't have to buy is beer you can sleep without a chain we will not kiss you except on the head, we will let you do fun things." I explained she looked confused shocked worried and happy all at once. She than jumped on me and hugged me then fell asleep in my arms. She was so light ad this poor thing

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