Always afraid

So my name is Sarah. My mother died two months ago. I wasn't very close to her she didn't really care for me. Im 13 years old. I don't have any electronics, i have never gone to school, the only time i am allowed outside is when i have to go get groceries for my father. Ever since i was born my father has told me i am worthless and unwanted, so i guess im worthless unwanted ugly fat, very very fat. So thats me, i dont know much so i guess i am stupid, i can talk but i only know the things i need to know to go to the store, like how to count money, how to lie about my scars and how to avoid people. Well i guess thats all.


8. memory loss

I woke up in a strange room with carpet and no bars on the window. I looked at the bed I was in. It was white with turquoise bird designs on it. I looked around, white dresser white wall white table. Where am I? If father finds out I'm gone I'm dead! I jumped off the bed but immediately Fell to the ground, I look at my feet and realize my leg is gone. I started hyperventilating. I heard heavy footsteps come towards the white door. I scooted to the corner and a boy opened the door. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. "Sarah are you ok?!" He yelled running to me how did he know my name "GET AWAY FROM ME! WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU?! I NEED TO GO HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" I yelled he looked shocked

Nialls pov

I was making breakfast for Sarah and the boys when I heard a big *thud. I ran to Sarah's room and she was in the corner scared "Sarah are you ok?!" I said running to her aid "GET AWAY FROM ME! WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU?! I NEED TO GO HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" I just stared at her shocked. What?! She... Home.. Me... WHAT?! "Honey I'm going to take you to the doctor." I came closer slowly and she brought her knee to her chin and cried. I picked her up and took her to the car.

--------------------skip car ride----------------------

We arrived at the doctors and I took her in. I told the doctor everything while he did a cheak up on her leg, she kept her eyes closed and was crying the whole time. I would hold her hand but she would pull away when I tried. She kept attempting to kick the doctor and run but she just fell every time finally we just held her down. The doctor pulled me out into the hallway. "Ok so Sarah has a rare condition. There isn't a scientific name for it yet but I have run some tests and she defiantly has it" he explained "ok so what is the disease?" I asked worried. "Well for one hour once a week she will forget everything except her father. That is what happened today, after an hour normally the patient will get very tired get a headache and fall asleep. When she awakes she will remember everything again" I was in shock " why did this happen?!" "Well I assume it's due to all the hits to her head from her father." I sighed then got angry. If I ever meet that B**** I will kill him!!! we walked back into his office and she was asleep with her hand on her head. The doctor gave me some meds for the headaches and by then she had woken up. "Where are we Niall?" She asked rubbing her head "I'll explain later let's just get you home.

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