Summer love



2. Summer!

It is finally summer! My best friend Sammy is going to be with me all summer! I'm truly excited! Sammy and I have known each other ever since grade one. I don't know why, but we just clicked. Sammy and I are currently at our beach house in California.

"Addy! Let's go!" I hear Sammy scream from downstairs. Today, Sammy and I are going to the beach. "Coming love!" I reply. I am wearing my tie dye bikini, sunglasses, a long t - shirt, and a hat. I race downstairs to meet an impatient Sammy. "Let's go girl," she says calmly. We walk out of the house and hop into my rental jeep. Sammy turns on the radio and "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction comes on. "Sammy, have you ever heard this song before?" I asked her. "Nope," she replied. "Me neither." The rest of the ride was silent. About five minutes later, we arrived.

"Sammy! Stop doing that!" I scream. She ran over to me and splashed me with water. "Ugh! Samantha Rose! I said stop!" I yelled. She stopped and plopped herself on a towel next to me. "Addy, let's go take a walk," Sammy said. "K," I replied. We both got up and started to walk along the water. "Sam, this water is beautiful!" "I know right!" She replied. As we were walking along the water, voices behind us caught my attention. "What time did Paul tell us to meet him at?" One of them said. "I don't know," another one said. "Wow..she's really pretty. At least from her backside," another one said. "Maybe if we make a lot of noise she will turn around," said another. I noticed that their voices were very thick British, like mine. Except for one of them, Irish maybe? "Crash!" I quickly turned a around to see what the noise was. When I turned around, a pair of emerald green eyes latched with mine. "Uhh.." I managed to get out. I quickly turned back around to catch up with Sammy. She had gotten a few feet ahead of me. I jogged up to her and looked at her. She didn't even notice that I wasn't walking with her! As we walked further, someone came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw the same green eyes that I had seen earlier. I just noticed some other things about him. He was actually quite attractive. He had adorable dimples, a huge smile, curly brown hair, and those beautiful emerald green eyes. ADDY! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! I said to myself. "Hello love. I'm Harry. You are...."

"Hello love. I'm Harry," he said with a suprisingly husky voice. "Oh, hello. I'm Addy," I replied. "Oh, so your British too," he said. "Haha...yeah," I squeaked. He was just too darn cute. "Before I go, I was wondering..could I have your number?" He said. "Oh, sure," I replied. "Your not a fan?" He asked nervously. "Excuse me?" I replied politely. "Of you know, One Direction? I'm in that band," he said in a scared tone. "I've heard your music before, I guess," I replied. He hugged me. "Finally! A fan that isn't all squeally!" He yelled. "Uh, yeah..." I said. "Here's my number, ************ " I said. "Thanks! I'll text you later. Bye love!" He said.

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