What Happens When You Fall in Love?

I made Jess sometimes feel bad about herself at times and I don't want her to be like the other girls in other fanfics who are perfect without a flaw. I made her a girl who is lazy, doesn't wear makeup and doesn't have a model's body. I made her feel like sometimes she doesn't belong in life, but, she just needs time to learn. and that's a perfect girl.


1. Windows

Walking up is really not my thing. I could sleep through an earthquake and not know what happened afterwards. I groaned and got up slowly.

Spitting out what was left of the toothpaste in mouth in my mouth, I brushed my hair and slipped back into bed. Oops. Well, you can't blame me for being so lazy! Having a job is hard you know! You have to talk to people and stuff and you have to be all nice and dressed like your going to a interview! I'm not much of a people person, but we all have our imperfections.

"Jess? Jess! JESS I SWEAR IF YOURE STILL IN BED I'LL BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR AND DYE YOUR HAIR GREEN." "Alright, alright I'm coming jeez, calm down Chris!" I opened the door to see an angry Chris looking at me. "Did you forget already? You promised to met me at the café!" "Oh yeah.. Heh." He didn't look to happy at the moment. "Oh come on! We've been best friends for years, you know I forget things.. a lot." "Yeah..Well, let's go now, I've been hungry since I woke up!" "Fineeeeee. Let's go!"

Me and Chris sat at a table next to the window and I swear, I saw a man looking at me through the reflection. Worried, I looked at Chris and whispered to him, "Chris, look at my side of the window" "huh?" He turned and started to squint a at my window. "What do you mean- wait who's that guy looking at- where did he go?!" "Hello. I couldn't help but notice you were stalking me through your window." I stood up in shock "Us? Stalking you?" "Why, that's how it's seems!" "But-" "it's alright, you don't have to apologize." He smiled at me, but I'm furious now. "Apologize? APOLOGIZE? You sir, have to apologize to ME!" He laughed at me and patted my head. He patted my head. "What one earth is wrong with you?!" "I'm sorry, I just-." "You know what? Forget it, please just leave me alone." "No it's my job to make things right, I may not know you, but as you can tell, I was raised in England and i would disgrace my country." He grabbed my hand "what's you're name?" "I'm Jessie" "Louis." He said with a smile. Chris still had a worried look on his face, "Hi I'm her best friend, Chris and we have to go." "Before you go, can I make a phone call with your phone?" "Um sure" he took it for a few seconds and then returned it. "Did you, um, call?" "Huh? Oh, yeah. Well see you later." "Bye" "His butt is huge." I looked at Chris surprised. "Chris, what did you say?" "I'm not gay but, his butt was pretty big." I laughed so hard. "Oh god, Chris!"

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