What Happens When You Fall in Love?

I made Jess sometimes feel bad about herself at times and I don't want her to be like the other girls in other fanfics who are perfect without a flaw. I made her a girl who is lazy, doesn't wear makeup and doesn't have a model's body. I made her feel like sometimes she doesn't belong in life, but, she just needs time to learn. and that's a perfect girl.


2. The Phone Call

I couldn't stop thinking about Louis! It's just weird, he's weird... I'm weird. I needed to talk to him again! "Maybe.. I can contact his friend! He did call someone on my phone!" I searched through the recents but.. Nothing. "What?" Did he, maybe put his phone number in there? I checked. Louis! Oh my god, he's on my phone!


Me: Louis?

Louis: who is this? Jessie?

Me: yeah, it's me, pretty sneaky there aren't ya? Putting your number in my phone!

Louis: hah, yeah ;)

Me: well then, are you free tomorrow? I'd really like to meet you again...

Louis: I'd love to see you again! Maybe we can go to an ice cream shop? Park?

Me: I absolutely love ice cream! :)

Louis: great! Where do you live? I can stop by your house!

Me: I live on Pinebrook Street my house has the number 716 on it and it's blue.

Louis: perfect see you tomorrow!

Me: bye

Louis: bye love!


Can you hear my screams? Because I'm screaming pretty loud!! But I probably shouldn't. "Maybe he won't like me." "Why wouldn't he like you? You're perfect the way you are." "Pfft yeah right, Chris." "Look, you're a gem!" "But I'm no Victoria's Secret model! I have a bit of a tummy plain brown eyes, hard to manage hair, but can be soft, and I'm a little bit short and makeup just doesn't suit me! I'm a mess!" He grabbed my shoulders and shook me "listen, there is no such thing as a perfect girl! But you're perfect as Jess!" I smiled and a few tears came down my cheeks, I hugged him I have the best friend ever! "Thank.. Thank you Chris." "You're welcome." *RINGING OF DOORBELL* "oh crap he's here!" I fixed myself "calm down! It's just ice cream!" "Yeah.. Yeah right." I walked to the door slowly and opened it to a smiling Louis. "Hello, love." "Hey Louis!" "Ready to go?" "Um yeah." "Do you want to take the case or-?" "I'd rather walk!" He smirked and said," I don't believe in walking." "Wha-" he grabbed my hand and we started running! I laughed, "Louis! I'm getting tired!" "Tired? Well that won't do!" "Should we walk?" "Nope." He then wrapped his arms around and through us to the floor, then I shit you not, we rolled all the way down, laughing we were a complete mess. But I like it. I like him.

My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry but I also like chocolate. And vanilla and mango. Who am I kidding? I love all ice cream! "Sooo..what's your favorite color?" "Well, my favorite color is red and pink is my least favorite." I said, licking up what's left of my ice cream. "Really? I like red too!" "That's great!" "Wanna come to my place? We can have a little sleepover, yeah?" "Sure." I was screaming internally. I felt his hand over mine and looked at him. He had a little smile and grabbed my hand. I screamed again. Except this time, it was not internally. "Are you okay?!" "Ye-yeah, oh my god I'm so sorry." "It's alright we all need to just let it out at times!" "Yeah.. You're right." I love him.

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