My boyfriends Best Friend

Anastasia has been going out with Dylan for three years. To most people they are in a loving and caring relationship, but what people don't know is that behind Anasatsia's smile is a broken girl. A girl abused, both physically and mentally by her boyfriend and Father. What happen's when Anastasia is found crying on a park bench with a black eye forming and a bust lip, by her boyfriends best friend. Will Anastasia tell Ryan what has been happening or will she make up more excuses. When Ryan and Anastasia start to have feeling for one another, what will happen?


1. One

"You can't keep doing this to me Dylan. You can't keep hurting me" I cried before turning  away from him and running up to my bedroom. Sitting down with my back against the closed door, i just let the tears fall. Why did this have to happen to me. Leaning my head against the door i could hear loud footsteps running up the stairs. It could only be one of two people, both very abusive to me. My father Dale and my boyfriend Dylan. It's been this way since my mom left 2 years ago. I'm 18 now and all i want to do is leave. Leave this house, this town. I couldn't cope anymore. Dad used to beat me only when he was drunk but now he beats me just for the fun of it. No one knows what happens with my dad. I'm too scared to tell anyone. My best friend Kim doesn't even know. She doesn't know about Dylan either. I would never tell her about Dylan, it would break are friendship since Dylan is her older brother. Only one person knows about Dylan and that's his best friend Ryan. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I jumped a little. I don't see why I jumped though. I knew he would come up after me. "Go away Dylan, please, I don't want to talk about it" "Ana it's me sweetie. Can you open the door?" I knew that Australian voice anywhere. It was Ryan, but what was he doing here. It was almost 9 at night. Slowly I stood up and opened the door slightly. I saw Ryan stood there, his Ocean blue eyes looking into my dull green ones. "What did he do this time Ana?" He asked. "I-i asked if he was c-cheating and he hit me again" I stuttered. Tears falling faster. Suddenly the door was pushed wide open and before I knew it I was wrapped in Ryan's strong arms, crying into his chest. "I'm sorry princess, you don't deserve this" Ryan said holding me tighter.  "W-why doesn'he do this to me Ryan? What did I ever do to him?" I cried. "I don't know princess, I don't know". He replied. "Come on Ana, lets get you to bed sweetie" he continued. Nodding I started to walk over to my bed. Pulling the covers back i lay down and pulled the covers back over me. "How come you're here anyways?" I asked "I came to give you this back" he replied handing me my phone. "Oh thanks" I said looking down at the phone. "Get some sleep sweetie. I'll come over tomorrow and we can hang out okay??" Ryan asked. "Sure" I said pulling the cover up to my chin. "Night Ry" I said as he got up off my bed and walked towards my door. "Night Ana" Ryan said closing my door. As soon as I heard my room door close I sobbed into my pillow.

I woke to someone stroking my now bruised cheek. I flinched away slightly but kept my eyes closed. I knew who it was. I could smell the aftershave I had bought him for his birthday. " I know your awake Ana. I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt you" Dylan said still stroking my cheek. "You always say that Dylan". I said while sitting up and moving away from him. "So I say we go out today?" Dylan said trying to move closer to me. I back away a little bit more. "I - I can't. Jack is coming home today" I lied. I know I shouldn't lie to him but I just couldn't stand to be around him right now. "Okay baby. I will see you tomorrow then. I will pick you uo from work" I just nodded and once he was out my bedroom I grabbed my phone and called Ryan to come over. I didn't want to be alone today but I just didn't want to be around Dylan. 

I got out of bed and got grabbed my clothes.  I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I did my hair and covered my bruised cheek with my makeup and made my way downstairs, just as the door bell rang. Ryan walked in, kissed my cheek and walked into the living plopping down on the sofa.
"So sup?" He asked popping the p. "Dylan was here this morning when I woke up" I shrugged. "What did he have to say for his self?" "Just the usuall. Im sorry baby. I love you, yadda yadda" I said shrugging yet again. I stood up and went and grabbed two cans of coke from thw fridge.  I handed Ryan one and sat down next to him. For the rest of the day and into the evening we just sat and watched movies. 

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