Who isn't different.


1. The beginning

Who doesn't know this feeling, that I have. Though maybe not all of them. I sometimes wonder where it began, but honestly, I don't know myself. I wish it was different, but it ain't so easy.

But thinking back on it,maybe it was back then it all began!


I lived in a small town in a small country. In my class we were 8 students, and everyone were friends, ideal, right? But think about it! Now let the story of the beginning begin!

I went through the first grades normally, but in 4th grade I was the target of bullying by one specifik person, who was able to make a lot of people bully me, but it stopped through the year.  But in 6th grade, it went down hill again... I was never like the rest, and people always found a way to abuse that. There was a guy, a year older than me, who "liked" me. What can one expect, I was stupid, I didn't know what a relationship meant, I didn't know what one did in a relationship, and that's a perfect chance for someone to take advantage of! I was touched everywhere by you, because I didn't know what it was you were doing! I didn't understand that there was something wrong with it, before the next day!

Rumors in my nice little town spread fast, and the next day, I was the target of the bullying once again. But worse this time. It didn't stop, everyone was bullying me! I was alone! they were evrywhere! I couldn't get piece no matter where I was someone was ready to bully me. Until I got in 8th grade, and I changed school, because our school system didn't go higher than 7th grade. There it was good to begin with, new people, new friends and such. But becuase of the previous experiences, I became unable to trust people, so I had a hard time talking to anyone.And two years later, I decided to move to the capital, to start over,  to get a better life.

Stupid Idea.

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