Dark Angel

Erin is an angel. Her family are from the white world. They couldn't be more different from the demon world. The dark world as Cathy, her mum called it. Erin learnt to shun demons and to avoid them at all costs. Until an orphan boy is found on their door step. Erin finds herself drawn to him and his mysterious nature. But he is a demon sent from the black world to find a victim.
A war is beginning. A sacrifice must be made to the demon world bring peace. Or chaos will tear everything apart.


1. Worlds Apart - Erin

They say angels are from heaven, demons are from hell.

I am an angel. My world is a world of white. You may think we wear white robes, have big white wings and long blonde hair. I laugh at that. My hair is not blonde. My hair is a shiny black. And I wear normal clothes. But nothing black or dark. The others wear that. I am not allowed to speak of them. The others. The demons. Some of the angels shun me. It is not normal for an angel to have black hair. They said I am a child of darkness. A demon child.

I do not know much about the demon world. My mother tells me it is always night there but there are no moon and stars. It is always too hot in the day and too cold at night. Here in the angel world the sun always shines. When night comes the moon shows her silver disc and the sky is full of diamonds. I hate to think what the demon world is like. We don't talk about it. Like it's a taboo or something. All we know is good, all they know is evil. We are literally worlds apart.

But sometimes worlds collide...

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