Dark Angel

Erin is an angel. Her family are from the white world. They couldn't be more different from the demon world. The dark world as Cathy, her mum called it. Erin learnt to shun demons and to avoid them at all costs. Until an orphan boy is found on their door step. Erin finds herself drawn to him and his mysterious nature. But he is a demon sent from the black world to find a victim.
A war is beginning. A sacrifice must be made to the demon world bring peace. Or chaos will tear everything apart.


2. Eternal Darkness

"You have received your mission. You know what you must do now." the general glared down at me with piercing eyes.

I nodded slowly, "Yes, sir."

I thought I saw his face darken. But how could it? There was never any light here. I have grown up with darkness. I have never seen the light.

"Then you know how serious this is." he continued, "You must not fail."

I nodded again, "Yes, sir."

I knew only two well what would happen if I failed. Chaos.

I was only the second person ever to be chosen to do this mission. The first person failed. That's when the war started. The war that split our worlds apart. The angels now live in paradise. We might as well be in Hell.

It's always night here. Even when it should be day. I shiver as an ice wind blows through my clothes. I am wearing loose jeans and a hoodie but they do not protect me against the cold. The general is not impressed. He expects his soldiers to react to nothing except surprise attack. But I am not a soldier. I don't want to fight. That's why I have been picked for this mission. I can be the one to prevent a war. Or start it.

The general gives me a photograph.

"This is her. You'll know her when you see her."

I scan the photo as I memorise the image. She is attractive looking. Pale skin like snow, hair black as the night sky.

"But sir, if she's an angel why does she have black hair?" I asked, "Only demons have red or black hair. Angels are supposed to have blonde or brown."

The general did not change his dark expression, "She is not like the other angels. She is...different from them. That is why it must be her."

I wasn't sure I understood but I wasn't going to question the general again.

He handed me an old rucksack packed with old, thin clothes. They weren't really any different from the clothes I had but my commander had insisted that I needed to look really desperate.

"I'm ready."

For the first time the general smiled, "Good luck."

I turned to the portal. My passage to the white world. The only one left of its kind. As I stepped through it and the world faded behind me I heard the last words of the general,
"Remember, whatever you do. Do not fail."

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