Werewolves and boybands

Crystal Claudia, Niall Horan, Scott McCall, Stiles Stillinski... What will happen to those 4 people and how will it turn out?


4. chapter 4

Niall's POV

As we got into 3rd period class, I got my phone out and started texting the lads on a group chat.

Harry: so.... How's school niall?

Me: I wanna get out of here already.. Although I met this girl named Crystal.

Louis: ooh Niall~~~~

Liam: Louis stop throwing popcorn around!

Me: you guys are eating popcorn without me?! How nice. Plus Harry should be the one here!

Zayn: please make them stop. Ugh.

Me: I gotta go, class is starting. Ugh please help me out of here.......

And with that I put my phone back in my pocket.

"Who you textin????" Crystal wrote down on my journal as the teacher was talking.

"The lads." I wrote back on her journal.

"Are you guys talkin without me? How nice." Crystal showed me what Scott wrote down on her journal.

"Yeah we are. Haha!" I wrote down back on her journal to show Scott.

"Why are u guys using my journal?! Use ur own!" Crystal wrote down as she also wrote down the notes.

"Well you chose to sit in the middle sooo..." Scott wrote down and chuckled.

Crystal sighed and erased all the notes. When she put down the eraser, I quickly grabbed it and erased mine.

"Thanks." I said to Crystal.

"You're welcome." She replied back like it was nothing.

"Aren't you gonna be like 'what was that for?!' Isn't that what all people do?" I asked Crystal.

"Nope! I don't really care as long as they give it back soo.." She replied.

On the corner of my eye, I saw Scott staring at Crystal...

'What's going on......' I asked my self. 'Can it be..... No... He can't like her! Scott doesn't look like he likes Crystal. There's no clues so.. He can't! Wait.... That time when he hugged/ protected her..... Ugh what's going on in my mind! Snap out of it!'

Crystal's POV

When 3rd period was over, it was break time. We had a 15 minute break time and we could go anywhere. Even outside of school! As long as we come back before break ends, then we're fine!

So Niall, Scott,Stiles, Erin, Elizabeth, and I decided to go to Starbucks and get some stuff to eat.

While we were going to Starbucks, I forgot that I wasn't walking on the shade so my skin started getting tan and my face was getting tan also.

"Does anyone have like a hat or something? Cause I'm getting tan." I asked.

"Here, you can borrow my snapback." Niall answered as he took his off his snapback and put it on my head.

"Thanks, are you sure you don't need it?" I asked Niall.

"Yeah! I just love snapbacks so that's why I always have a snapback with me. I have like a WHOLE shelf of them at home. You can come see if you don't believe me!" Niall exclaimed as he was talking about his snapbacks.

"I know. I used to be a directioner. Remember? I told you at PE class." I replied while giggling a little.

"Guys we're almost there!! RACE YA!!!!" Stiles shouted.

We all started running and the results were pretty obvious.

1st- Scott

2nd- Niall

3rd- Me



6th- Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was never a sporty person because she's a musician. I mean so am I but I can be fast when it comes to food hahah!

Niall's POV

When I let Crystal borrow my snapback, I was pretty proud that I had my snapback with me. I was thinking of leaving it in my locker because IF we get mobbed my fans, some people actually take something from you and for me, it's my snapback.

Every time we get mobbed my fans and I have my snapback with me, then POOF! One of my precious snapbacks are gone...

"Guys we're almost there!! RACE YA!!!!" I heard Stiles yell.

I started running but I got second place and Scott with 1st.

Crystal got 3rd, Stiles got 4th,Erin got 5th, and Elizabeth got 6th which was last.

As we got in Starbucks, we all ordered our drinks.

Crystal, Elizabeth, and Erin ordered the Green Tea Frappe. As Scott, Stiles, and I got Double chocolate chip Frappe.

As we all got our drinks, we headed out the door and back to school. I suddenly heard a buzz in my pocket. I took my phone out and read the text message that Liam sent.

Liam: if you can, bring Crystal to our house. The lads and I wanna see her! See ya! :)

Me: ill ask her right now.

With that I put my phone back in my pocket.

"Hey Crystal, the lads wanna see you so after school do you wanna come? I mean you don't have to.... But... You get to see one direction." I asked Crystal.

"Really?! Sure! I just need to text my dad saying that ill be over at a friend's house!" Crystal replied getting her phone out.

I also took my phone out and texted Liam.

Me: She said that she's coming! Tell Louis to not make any trouble when she comes.

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