Werewolves and boybands

Crystal Claudia, Niall Horan, Scott McCall, Stiles Stillinski... What will happen to those 4 people and how will it turn out?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

When the coach introduced him self I wasn't sure what I would do. Crystal was gone, and she was my only friend so far. Well....... Elizabeth was kinda my friend. But I really missed the lads. It wasn't fair how I was the only one that had to come here. Harry was the youngest but just because of Management, I had to come here. Screw this. When he told me all of the names that were on the basketball team, he told me that I couldn't go in the basketball team because I was short. C'mon I'm 5'7 oh wait...... Shit........... Most of the guys are all above 6.

When Crystal came up and stared talking to me, I didn't know what to say so I just had to lie. I felt really bad but then her other friend came and sat next to Crystal. I wasn't sure what to do so I just sat there watching Scott,(I'm sorry I just love teen wolf<3) the team captain. Once in a while, I looked over at Crystal. It kind of looked like she was watching Scott too..... I wondered if she likes him.

Scott's POV

When I got in the gym and started practicing for the finals tonight, I was thinking if I should invite Crystal.... Nah..... That will show her that I like her. Ugh but I knew that she wouldn't like me cause she's had a serious crush on that Irish guy named Niall Horan from one direction. And when I mean serious crush, I mean SERIOUSLY.

One time she was excited because her dad was going to buy tickets for her and she got to pick where she wanted to sit and all but when she found out that they were all sold out, she cried at school..... Of course Elizabeth told me that because she's the only one that knows that I have a crush on her..... I didn't tell her, she found me staring at Crystal while she was practicing volleyball...... She was on the team and she was the shortest one but Crystal is one of the best ones.

But since she didn't get the tickets for the concert, she stopped liking One direction..... That was kinda good cause that will actually help me! Well..... From asking her out?? Yeah........ No. Ugh.... Why am I over thinking this!

Just then, I saw Crystal and Niall coming over to me but the ball was coming towards her.

I ran to her and protected her by.... Kinda hugging her as Niall cought the ball.

'Well this is embarrassing' I thought to my self.

Crystal's POV

As Scott kinda cover/hugged me from the ball, my heart started beating fast.

"You can let go now......." I whispered as I saw Niall give back the ball to Brian the team's co captain.

"So. What's up? Or why were you coming towards me?" Scott asked as the 3 of us sat on the bleachers.

"Well I was just gonna introduce you to Niall cause you know he's new and I'm basically his only friend at school haha...... Yeah. So..... Ill leave you two here to talk. See ya." I said.

Just then I felt a two hands grab my wrist. Woah.....

"Don't go." I heard Scott and Niall say at the same time.

"Well.... Ok. But that was pretty weird cause you guys both said the same thing at the same time. Haha." I said quietly as I sat back down.

"Why are you so calm? I thought that you were a fan. Oh wait.... Was it because you didn't get to go to their concert?" Stiles, my guys best friend said out loud.

"DUDE! Shut up!" I exclaimed as I slapped Stiles on the arm.

"Ok ok........... Well I'm Stiles! And your are Niall I know haha Crystal used to be a HUGE fan! Haha!" Stiles answered as I glared at him.

"Oh nice! I didn't even know that you used to be a fan Crystal. But that's nice! Were you a Harry girl??" Niall asked as he got more interest.

"Ugh I hate you so much right now Stiles.... But... Haha yeah I was a directioner. But I wasn't a Harry girl....... I actually was a Niall girl and a Liam girl so I really shipped and liked Niam stuff. Woah...... Did I just say Niam..... Oh my god thanks so much Stiles for getting me back into this." I answered back as I saw Stiles smile.

"You know I love you~~~" Stiles said as things got pretty awkward.

"So! Anyways! Can we go back Crystal?" Niall said quickly to break the silence.

"Yeah sure! See ya Scott! Oh and you have the finals tonight right?" I said as I stood up and hopped down from the bleachers.

"Yeah I do. You wanna come with Niall today? It's at 6." Scott said as he hopped down also.

"Yeah sure! I'm free soooo ill come and watch!" I answered back.

"I can come too." Niall added as Scott had a happy face on him.

"Well. See ya next per- oh wait we can go together! All four of us has the same class so! Yeah!" I said to Scott,Niall, and Stiles.

"Yeah sure! See ya!" Scott said as he waved to us.

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