Werewolves and boybands

Crystal Claudia, Niall Horan, Scott McCall, Stiles Stillinski... What will happen to those 4 people and how will it turn out?


2. chapter 2

Elizabeth's POV

When I said hi to Niall, his eyes were still on Crystal. Ugh I was actually jelly of her this time. I never got jelly of her. Although I am a Louis girl, Niall is my 2nd........


"Huh? What?" I said back to her. She started giggling which made Niall smile like a idiot.

"Do I always have to say Mrs. Tomlinson?" Crystal asked me.

"Haha........ Yeah......" I replied as the three of us walked to our next class.

Crystal's POV

As we went to our next class which was PE, I was scared that I would get hit by flying basketballs again by my only bully Jason. Just then I bumped into someone as I dropped all my stuff.

"Hey watch it fatty!" The person said. I looked up to see Jason the bully.

"How about you ginger!" I said back as I picked all my stuff up and stood up.

I turned to see Jason running at me ready to beat the crap out of me. I closed my eyes shut ready to feel the pain, but then I open my eyes to see Niall blocking him from me holding Jason'a wrist to keep him from punching me.

Just then the teacher comes and thanks Niall and drags Jason away to the principals office.

"You ok?" Niall asks me.

"Haha...... Yeah...... You do know you didn't have to do that? My dad is the teacher here... He's probably gonna give him ISS (in school suspension) for hurting me..." I answered as we went into the gym.

"Oh.... I didn't know...." Niall says as Coach Hedge the head PE coach comes up to explain everything to Niall. I walk away to my PE locker to change into my tennis shoes and sit down on bleachers to stare at my crush. He played on the basketball team and when I got hit with the basketball, he was the first one to come up and ask if I was ok. ALSO!!!! He took me to the nurse. Elizabeth always told me that he had a crush on me too but I never believed that he did cause a bunch of girls liked him too. Mostly all the nerds. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a nerd.

"Heyyyyyy gurlllllllll~~~~~" Erin, one of my best friend came and sat down next to me.

"Ya stalking your crushie wushie????"

She asked me as she was giving me that smirk.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And no I'm not." I said back to her.

"Dude look behind you. The Niall James Horan is staring at you!" Erin whisper shouted.

I turned around to see him with a disappointed face. I stood up and went and sat next to him.

"You ok??" I asked Niall.

"Y-yeah......" He answered back.

"Well it doesn't seem like it. C'mon let it out." I said to him as I watched Erin come to us.

"It's nothing. I just don't know what to do right now. I'm the only guy sitting here right now because all of them are on the basketball team." He answered.

It really seemed like he was lying to me but I just went with it.

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