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Hey so this is a story I am writing on wattpad so if it looks like you have read it.

Zayn Malik is a fresh-more its the university of Ireland. He never really fit in. He was emo and everybody thought he was wired cause he was quiet and suicidal.Also he was gay he tried to keep it a secret but someone found ou. His parents didn't know what to do after he tried to commit twice and got counseling from several therapist. Then an Irish lad named Niall came into his life. Can he open his widow to life.


6. the tutor


Niall was the most perfect name ever. His name was Niall. I wonder if we have any classes together.

I went to math and sat in usual seat in the back hoping Alex would look pass me. Before he had a chance to Mr.Collins came in with some papers and guess who was training behind him.""Morning class to day we will be having a new student in our class his name is Niall and he will need a tutor for our unit test at the end of the month any volunteers" I wanted to raise my hand but he would say no so I decided to just stay quiet like the wimp I was."Zayn how about you, since you have all A's and have nothing to do after school.""um......."please" he said with his adorable accent."well i guess but only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.""YAY!!"he was so cute when was excited.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LATER THAT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The rest of day was pretty normal, Niall and I were super close though and we have every class together. He was also basically my neighbor he lived 2 houses down but no one lived in the other 2 houses."so do you want to the tutoring today or Wednesday"umm Wednesday ""ok see you at Starbucks""yeah see you tomorrow ""k bye"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WEDNESDAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up to the smell of burning bacon a smell I knew all too well. I got dressed in some jeans and a black Skrillex I got when Harry,Louis,Liam,and I went to a concert on my birthday a few years ago.but they all got scholarships to somewhere else so I went to the university of Ireland.

I went downstairs to find all my sisters stuff gone."where is sissy's stuff? I gave her that nickname when I was younger and I could not pronounce sister."she left last night to go live with her boyfriend.""oh you seem happy. Not,she seemed ecstatic ."well she is happy so I am happy she is happy.""oh well I am going to tutor a friend after school.""oh what friend""he is new his name is Niall.""Horan""yeah I think he lives basically next door""oh yeah I know them his grandmother just passed""oh so I can tutor him to day after school at Starbucks ""of course a Louis's mom works there tell her is said hi and I ask about Louis""ok bye""have a wonderful day sweetie and later we need to talk about the gay thing.""ok bye". I hope he isn,t that bright so it will take longer.


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Sorry I have been lazy also I am looking for someone to co-write true love if you are interested soot me a message and we can work something out

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