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Hey so this is a story I am writing on wattpad so if it looks like you have read it.

Zayn Malik is a fresh-more its the university of Ireland. He never really fit in. He was emo and everybody thought he was wired cause he was quiet and suicidal.Also he was gay he tried to keep it a secret but someone found ou. His parents didn't know what to do after he tried to commit twice and got counseling from several therapist. Then an Irish lad named Niall came into his life. Can he open his widow to life.


4. The locket

~~Niall's P.O.V
2 months ago
"Mom I have something to tell you""yeah Niall what's up""well lately I have been thinking and""and what""I'm gay I-I think""Niall that's fine sweetie""really you don't mind that I am gay and Greg is getting married tomorrow.""oh course I don't mind you are my son and love you no matter who you love""thanks mum."

I walked to the elevator thinking about him. Him. I don't even know his name but he was perfect. I wonder if I sounded like once she told me why he was there I judged him like he was crazy. I didn't mean to he was just so beautiful but I don't want to stare. Gosh he was beautiful but he probably thinks that I judge to early. Who would want to be with a person like that.

I walked out of the elevator to find my mom sitting outside,crying . I wonder why I hope nana is alright. ""Mom what's wrong"" I was worried mom always cried over little stuff but she was sobbing now. "Ni-iall s-shes. "Say no more.". I was devastated I loved my nana sooo much I begin crying/sobbing too. "Niall she wanted me to give you this.". She put her gold locket in my hand. I opened it thinking inside was a photo of her and grandad but it was a photo of her and lady kissing. Nana was gay to. She was the first one I told I was gay and was perfectly fine with it. That explains why mom is fine with gay people. On the bottom of the photo was text that was in the heart said"love is love no matter who you love". I cried a little more at the message. She always told me that loving someone no matter who it is is still love.

On the way home mom talked about my new school. "You will love it Niall""I know but it is in the middle of the semester and I won't have any friends.""you will make friends Niall I know""thanks". I wounded if that guy goes to UOI. He looks like he could but not sure. I hope so it would be nice to know one person or at lease had seen one person there


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