Open my window

Hey so this is a story I am writing on wattpad so if it looks like you have read it.

Zayn Malik is a fresh-more its the university of Ireland. He never really fit in. He was emo and everybody thought he was wired cause he was quiet and suicidal.Also he was gay he tried to keep it a secret but someone found ou. His parents didn't know what to do after he tried to commit twice and got counseling from several therapist. Then an Irish lad named Niall came into his life. Can he open his widow to life.


2. The cause

~~All I herd was beeps and buzzes coming from machines. That and my mom arguing with a lady that looked like my therapist."YOU SAID YOU CAN HELP HIM AND NOW HE IS HERE BACK WHERE HE WAS 6 MONTHS AGO!!!""Ma'am please calm down Zayn has been improving but I guess he just snapped"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE HIM NOT SNAP ANY MORE AND HERE HE IS AGAIN FOR THE SAME REASON!!

I knew what had happened the thing I wished hadn't


I was in my room on my bed crying my life had always been rough the past 5 years but to day it was extra worse. My bully James was extra mean. His girlfriend who he abused constantly finally escaped and called the cops. His parents are rich so they just bought his way out of jail. Once he got back he went bezerk on us mostly me. At lunch he slammed my tray of steaming spgettii in my face pushed me down and kicked me in my stomach 6 favorite number. After that little insistent I went to the nurse for the 4th time this week and it was Tuesday. She said all she could do was give me a pain pill and put an ice pack on my torso so I went to my therapist just like before. "You are my only friend Mrs.strawberry sorry if I bug you""it't alright Zayn you don't bug me""thanks"
Once I got home it got worse my sister was there family reouin .......... fun. "Why do you gave to be gay why can't you be normal do you know I can't even bring my boyfriend home cause I am scared you will steal him!!""I wish you had a little more faith in my sis. I ran upstairs crying if only 1 person likes me what is the point of living. I went into my closet and got a piece of a blade I found in an ally one day and ran a thick line from my shoulder to the end of my middle finger and then everything went blank.
"Oh Zayn are you ok". Just the woman I want to see.


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