Open my window

Hey so this is a story I am writing on wattpad so if it looks like you have read it.

Zayn Malik is a fresh-more its the university of Ireland. He never really fit in. He was emo and everybody thought he was wired cause he was quiet and suicidal.Also he was gay he tried to keep it a secret but someone found ou. His parents didn't know what to do after he tried to commit twice and got counseling from several therapist. Then an Irish lad named Niall came into his life. Can he open his widow to life.


1. Open my window

~~"Zayn why why do you do this why do you choose to live this way""I can't help how I fell mom!"Well after more therapy you will think other wise.""Why can't you except that I like guys!"" Because you are better than that Zayn I know you can change !"" And if I can't""we will cross that bridge when I comes"" the bridge that you have burned down to ground not giving me an option!""we will talk in the morning""good night mom"" good night"we left each other with the tension so tense with her. Me I just gave up I can't help how I fell no one can I wish she could see that.

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