The lost world


1. chapter one

It was a cold evening 15 year old Ava was sitting on the couch cuddling with a blanket trying to keep warm. The wind was coming in through all the cracks in her walls. Her house was trashed and her father Gabriel hasn't had the desire to do much since his wife, Eve had died in a car accident. There for he had no desire to fix the cracks in the wall.

Ava sits up with her long dark brown hair up in a bun to the noise of a heavy door slam and hears foot steps coming towards her.

"Alan?" She says in a suspicious voice

"What's up little sis?" Alan says as he walks in and sits on the couch next to her.

"Where's dad?" She says like if she didn't know.

"Oh Ava. You ask this every time he leaves. You already know he goes into the city to make money. Without dad we wouldn't have anything."

"I know Alan but I'm just scared of the thought that he won't come back."

"And why wouldn't he come back?"

"Because! He's not really happy here on top of this lonely mountain. Ever since mom died he's been so lost. I know he will never get over it but he doesn't have to act like a zombie ate his brains. I mean he still has us. We lost mom too, but he just drops off money and leaves like if we don't need him here once in a while."

Alan thought for a moment before he spoke "Ava I understand how you feel. But dad doesn't want to get to know us. Your right he is kinda lost but he's has so much to deal with and it's not easy for him."

"But I can't deal with it anymore. We've been on this mountain for 10 years! The only friend I've ever had was you! I want to leave."

"And where exactly would you go?"

"Anywhere but here! Alan you can come with me me! We can start a better life and meet new people."

"Ava that's nonsense. We could never leave dad alone like that."

"Why not? He does it to us! Your 19 year old. Don't you wanna have a family?"

"Ava enough!"

They both sat in silence for a moment.

"Very well then Alan. I guess we will just live in this dump for the rest of our lives."

Ava jumped up and stormed out of the living room and went to her bedroom. She slams the door with all her might only to crack her door more ten it already was. She belly flops on her squeaky bed closes her eyes and falls to sleep and starts to dream.

*she saw her self running but wasn't sure from what. Something was chasing her but what? Something black and furry jumped on her. She was struggling to get away and suddenly the creature on top of her stopped moving. She slowly lifted her head and saw her mother standing in front of her "mom?" She said.*

She sat up quick to the sound her cow cry. She got a strange feeling and opened her bedroom door. Finding her whole kitchen trashed. The table on the other side of the room, cabinets broken, and dishes every where.

"What happened?"

She looked around observing the room. Suddenly a paper on the floor caught her attention. She picked it up and began to read.

•Ava I told them you were in the city they were looking for you. We won't be seeing each other for a while. RUN your not safe. I love you


She was in hock and felt aching in her chest and tears start rushing down her face. She ran in her room and grabs a bunch of random cloths, anything she could find really, all the money her dad left the other day and a necklace shaped of half a star that her mother had given to her on her 5th birthday.

She opened her front door and walked out only to find her pet cow in front of her dead. She moves a little closer to investigate it and realized that there was a message stabbed into it. "We will find you." She read out loud. She had never felt so much fear in her life. Her stomach tightened and she walked slowly around the cow and started to run on the road leading down the mountain. She went into deep thought *where will I go? And what did Alan mean? I need to find my dad*, she got to the bottom of the mountain and was thankful that she didn't live to high up. She had no idea where to gift on tree and walked to the only place she knew how to get to from the bottom of the mountain. A pond, her mother took her there a few times when she was small. It took her no less then ten minutes to get there. She sat her bag down and as she was walking towards the pond she tripped on a rock and feel right I the water. She hit her head hard on the bottom of the pond and went unconscious right away. She saw nothing but black and new from that moment she must of drowned.

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