Roommates (Exclusively on Movellas)

Diana is just a normal girl. She ends up buying an apartment room with one condition that makes the offer cheaper. She has to share the apartment with another person.
Harry Styles is an abnormal guy. He ends up buying an apartment room and doesn't realize that he will have to share it with someone.
Anything can happen when your roommates.
"I feel like he completes me, as if I am just merely a fraction without him. Lonely, wasted, without someone to love is how I would be if I didn't have him to hold onto." Diana.

"When I saw her the first time, I didn't know what to think. She was so beautiful and once I got to know her, I loved her. Without her, my life has no purpose, no function, no reason to be. She means the world to me." Harry


9. Chapter 9

"Diana, you look a little flushed. Are you ok," I woke up to Harry's worried voice. I felt horrible, and had a headache.

"I think I'm sick," I answered. He went to go get a thermometer and I rubbed my temples to ease the pain. Harry came back with a thermometer and glass of apple cider. I stuck the thermometer and waited for the beep.


Harry tool the thermometer out and checked my temperature.

"102.8." He said. I groaned and Harry handed me the apple cider.

"Thanks Haz," I thanked. He chuckled.

"Do you want me to take you to the doctors office?" He asked. I nodded. He helped me to the limo and I got in with difficulty. In no time, we were there. Barely anyone was there, which was surprising because it was flu season.

We got an appointment and they called my name a few minutes later.

"Diana." The doctor called. He gave me the strep and flu test.

"Diana, you have been tested positive for the flu. You will be out for a few days but will get over it in a minimum of three days. Here is a prescription for you that I need you to sign." He explained and I signed my name on the line. He handed me the forms and we picked up our medicine before driving back to the building.

"Thanks Harry," I smiled. Once we got inside, he kissed me.

"Harry, your going to get sick." I broke the kiss

"Who cares about being sick?" He chuckled.

"I do."

"Oh, already practicing what you will say for our wedding." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and laid on the couch. He put on a movie and I didn't pay attention to it. I fell asleep halfway between it before Harry said something I couldn't make out.

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