Roommates (Exclusively on Movellas)

Diana is just a normal girl. She ends up buying an apartment room with one condition that makes the offer cheaper. She has to share the apartment with another person.
Harry Styles is an abnormal guy. He ends up buying an apartment room and doesn't realize that he will have to share it with someone.
Anything can happen when your roommates.
"I feel like he completes me, as if I am just merely a fraction without him. Lonely, wasted, without someone to love is how I would be if I didn't have him to hold onto." Diana.

"When I saw her the first time, I didn't know what to think. She was so beautiful and once I got to know her, I loved her. Without her, my life has no purpose, no function, no reason to be. She means the world to me." Harry


2. Chapter 2

We walked into a nice looking diner and a few guys waved us down. Harry had made me put my arm around his so he was escorting me in some way.

"Hey guys. This is Diana," Harry greeted four eager-looking guys.

I did a little wave as Harry said I should do, and smiled.

"Hi I'm Niall," the blonde said, stuttering.

All the guys introduced themselves and started talking about a band called One Direction, except for Harry who was trying to flirt with me by putting his hand on my leg and whispering explicit things into my ears and my ears only.

"Shut up Harry," I said, turning to him.

"Ooh Haz, your girlfriend doesn't like you. I'll take her," Louis smirked.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

"Don't lie Diana," Harry smirked. I got up from the chair and ran outside. I didn't know the busy streets of London as well as the streets of New York. My mascara was running and I was alone. I ran the direction I came and ran into the apartment building and up to my room. Just then I realized that I didn't have a key.

I muttered a few words before walking to the front desk.

"Um... May I have another room key?" I asked.

The lady looked up from her computer. "No." She said turning back to her computer.




Well I guess I'll just wait.

I started looking up pictures on the internet. I looked up Harry and found that he was very famous. I then looked up my name and look in the news.

'Harry Styles New Girlfriend'

About fifteen minutes ago, our Harry was walking to a small diner in London. They joined with the rest of the group and a few minutes later, the mysterious girl who we now know as Diana Mills, ran out crying. She appeared to be going to an apartment building. Do Harry and her live there?

Do you think that our Harry made a good decision. I think not. Diana is not the prettiest and is not fashionable. Harry needs a girl who is ready to show off her body.



I stopped reading after that. I looked at Twitter and my followers went from fifteen to 5,739. I scrolled through my mentions.

@DianaMills You are ugly. Go kill yourself. Harry deserves better and you are not it. My dog would be better than you.

@DianaMills No one likes you. Go kill yourself.

@DianaMills Hi Diana. It's Demi here. I think that you are very pretty and Harry doesn't deserve you. Wanna meet up sometime. Demi Lovato.

I smiled. I loved Demi’s music. I replied back to her.


@ddlovato Sure I would love to hang out sometime. C u soon.



I then got a message from @Harry_Styles

@DianaMills You are beautiful Diana. Don’t listen to them. They are just jealous of you. You are gorgeous.

Love Hazza.


I sent a message.

@Harry_Styles Save it Harry. I’m not your girlfriend and I won’t ever be.


I got up and wiped my mascara off.


@DianaMills Come downstairs


I got up. I didn’t trust Harry but I know he wouldn’t post something like that on twitter because of security. I walked to the elevator. Since we were on the top floor, it took awhile. I tapped my feet on the floor and finally the elevator opened. I saw Harry standing there holding flowers and what appeared to be a dress.

“Diana,” he said walking over to me.

“Please forgive me,” he begged looking at my face. He had sympathy and hurt in his eyes.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Please come with me, then you can make up your mind,” he said. We got to a boutique and I put on the dress he had bought. It looked beautiful. It was a dusty pink and had ruffles along the skirt. It was sleeveless and had a bow in the middle.

I walked out of the dressing room to find Harry in a suit.

“You look gorgeous love,” he said smiling.

“Harry how much does this cost,” I asked.

“Love, you don’t have to pay for it. I am a multi-millionaire.”

“Seriously Harry,” I giggled.

“Not unless you kiss me,” he said. I sighed. I knew that paps were everywhere. I had to pay for this dress.

“Fine,” I said. We both leaned and and I quickly pecked him on the lips.

“Now tell me,” I said.

“You call that a kiss,” he smirked.

“Harry,” I whined. We both looked at each other.

We both leaned in again. I kissed him just for a few seconds but then he got a hold of me. I kissed him still as I tried to break away.

“Love, your not going anywhere,” he said.

“I won’t,” as I finally agreed. I kissed him.

“$5,000,” he said after we broke away.

“Oh crap, I don’t have that much money,” I sighed.

“That’s why I’m here,” Harry beamed.

“You can’t Harry,” I whined.

“Can and will,” he smiled, showing his dimples again.

“Come on let’s go,” he said, grabbing my hand.

We walked to a park close by and sat down on a bench. Paps followed us and my mentions were going crazy. I smiled at one.

@DianaMills Mhm, not dating. Personally I think that you are really pretty and that you and Harry go great together.


Below was a picture of Harry and me kissing. I laughed and showed Harry. I followed the girl on Twitter, as well as Harry. Harry followed me back in seconds. I laughed with him. He stopped laughing for a second.

“What,” I asked.

“You,” he answered.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, beginning to get self-conscious.

“You are so beautiful,” he answered. I blushed and he kissed me softly.

“Th- Thanks,” I stuttered.

“Are you cold,” he asked. I nodded and he put his arm around me. I layed my head on his shoulder.

Fireworks sprouted from the sky and I smiled to myself.

“Harry,” I started.

“Yes love,” he asked.

“Thank you,” I answered. He smiled and we scooted closer together. The fireworks ended a few minutes later and Harry and I walked back to the apartment hand in hand. Paps followed us even when it started raining. Harry and I got closer together and ran inside the building. We walked to the elevator and found a girl with a sad face and a 1D t-shirt. Her mouth dropped open when we walked in the elevator.

“Your Harry Styles and Diana Mills,” the girl gasped.

“Yes,” Harry said smiling.

“Can I get a photo,” she asked.

I stepped out of the picture.

“Diana get back in,” the girl begged. I was shocked. No one wanted to take a photo with me.

I got back in and smiled.

“I am Sarah,” the girl introduced.

“Hi Sarah.’ Harry said.

“Can you please follow me on twitter,” she begged. We both followed her.

“Diana, you are very pretty,” Sarah complimented.

“Thank you. You have good taste in music,” I laughed.

She got out of the elevator and we got to our floor. I walked inside, followed by Harry. He and I went straight to the kitchen and he got out some cookies.

“Harry it’s a little late for that.”

“Thanks mum,” he laughed.

We ate the cookies anyways. They were so good and Harry baked them. He was going to have to bake breakfast tomorrow.  

I went to go get changed into my PJs. They were cute nappies. I walked out to see Harry still changing. I walked right back in the bathroom. I saw the open and Harry stood there in his boxers.

"Love is it ok if I sleep like this." He asked.

I nodded. He had so many tattoos all over his body. He pulled me in close and held me. He picked me up and carried me to the bed and laid me down in it. He laid next to me and intertwined our fingers together.

We both scooted closer together and wrapped our bodies around each other. I wrapped my legs around his torso and he grabbed my bum. I stopped.


"Yes love," he said letting go of me.

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"You are right." He said and we both got up.

He put on a shirt and we walked to the living room. I sat down on the yellow couch. Harry popped a movie in.

"What movie is that?"

"Paranormal Activity 4," he answered.

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